Best Plus Size Polka Dot Dress For Women

Plus Size Polka Dot Dresses

Best Plus Size Polka Dot Dress For Women

Fashion trends for plus size women is a very recent happening. Till about a few years back, finding the right size of clothes was a big challenge for oversized women. Now, things are changing for the better and many top fashion brands today offer either a line of clothing for plus size ladies, or there are specialized brands that make clothes and lingerie only for women on the heavier side. Thus, the plus size market is thriving at the moment.

Polka dots have been on and off the trending scale for some time now. There are multiple options, and most women love to sport a dress or two in polka dot patterns. But for the most part, the fashion scene has its polka dot moments, making the design timeless.

A plus size polka dot dress is ideal because it is so chic and summery. XXL sizes and above can find the right fit and design at exclusive online that understand the dressing needs and fashion sense of plus size women.

In this post today, we will talk about the polka dot plus size dress options, why it is the best option for curvier women, and list the best ones for their wardrobe.


Table of Content

1. What Is The plus size Polka Dot Dress?

2. Available Colors And Patterns Of Polka Dot Dresses

3. Tips To Choose The Right Polka Dress For You. How To Accessorize?

4. What Is So Great About The Plus Size Polka Dot Dress?

5. Do plus size Women Look Good In A Polka Dot Dress?

6. Plus Size Polka Dot Dress Choices

7. Conclusion

What Is The Plus Size Polka Dot Dress?

Polka dots are round in shape and are arranged in a repeated pattern across the dress. These dots can be of a uniform size or vary in size. There are multiple possibilities for variations in patterns.

This article is incomplete without a brief look into the start of the polka dots.

It all started with the polka music trend. It was famously known as polka dancing. The word ‘polka’ comes from the Czech word ‘půlka,’ which means half. It referred to the half steps that are the core of the dancing style. The dancing style was a craze in the US and Europe in the nineteenth century. Then in 1857, the word ‘polka dot’ appeared in a book called Lady’s Book by Godey.

It is not that the famous dot patterns didn’t exist before the 1800s, but they got an official iconic naming in 1857.

Available Colors and Patterns of Polka Dot Dresses.

Polka dots are a traditional and classical pattern style. It comprises an assortment of same-sized circles and dots placed at equal lengths from one another. Another notable feature of polka dots is that the dots are placed evenly across the fabric.

Color patterns are available in a plethora of choices for the polka dot material. Some of the popular and common polka dot choices are – black and white and red and white polka dot dresses plus size. There are also blue and white, green and white, brown and white, black and yellow, and many such variations. A reverse color pattern is also an option. This means black dots on white background, red dots on white, yellow on white, and green and yellow on white.

There’s also the choice of patterns. The most common patterns are small dots, medium dots, and large dots.

Tips to Choose the Right Polka Dress for you. How to Accessorize?

When choosing a plus size polka dot dress, you need to focus on the dot size, the material of the dress, the background color, and the cut. Remember, not all cuts will flatter your curves and size. Therefore, pay special attention when you order dresses online. A-line dresses, empire dresses, peplum dresses, corsets, and straight dresses are some of the cuts that suit bulkier body types.

It is also crucially important to accessorize to get the right look. Go in for bright-colored accessories so that the dress stands out.

What Is So Great About The Plus Size Polka Dot Dress?

polka dot dresses are versatile and look good on women of all body types. While it is common knowledge that polka dot dresses have a very refreshing and lively overtone, it is also true that being a plus size woman, you need to be careful about the dress style before buying it. If the cut suits your body type, polka dot dresses are a stunning choice for a plus size woman.

One of the best things about dresses with polka dots is that:

  • They are absolutely comfortable and versatile.
  • A plus size polka dot dresshas the advantage of a timeless pattern, making you look absolutely cool, chic, and smart.
  • The pattern is simple with a minimalist tone and, therefore, an ideal choice for women of all age groups, body sizes, and types.

Do plus size Women Look Good In A polka dot Dress?

A plus size polka dot dress is a comfortable dressing option to beat the heat during the oppressing summer season. The look is retro and classical. With swirls, these dresses are a fashionista’s best choice for this season.

While many from the fashion world believe that bigger prints make an oversized person’s body look bulkier, polka dots are a different ballgame.

If you fall in the plus size category, you should go in for darker backgrounds with polka dots. It will produce an illusion of covering up the curves and make you look slimmer.

Similarly, smaller polka dots on a bright backdrop can make you look toned while highlighting you in the right places. If you want to go bold and wear big-sized polka dots, then choose a lighter-hued dress with the bigger dots.

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Plus Size Polka Dot Dress Choices.

1. Black And White Polka Dot Dress Plus Size

This is one of the commonest prints, but the combo of black and white is timeless. Choose a plus size black and white polka dot dress that is an A-line dress because the cut delivers an impression that the wearer has an hourglass figure.

A-line dresses are the most flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, this cut is never going to fail. A flared waist and a tight-fitting top characterize the A-line cut.

Go in for a firmer material type like cotton or denim. Rayon and polyester materials are good to go too. Avoid wearing silk or satin that tends to stick to the body because then the dress can be a riskier option. The sturdy stiffer material highlights the full figure and body shape.

This one is best advised as casual wear and even worth wearing to a social event or an informal get-together. Meant as an everyday dress, you can accessorize accordingly and pair it up with comfortable shoes.

2. Red Polka Dot Dress Plus Size

The red and white polka dot dress plus size is another A-line dress, but the colors make the dress a perfect choice for a formal event or a date night.

An A-line dress hugs the upper part of the body and flares down as a triangle below. You can pick between a full-length dress or one to the knees. If your size starts from size 12 of XXL, you can feel very confident wearing this attire.

If your shoulders are narrower than your hip or you have a rectangular body shape, go for an off-the-shoulder red polka dot dress plus size. It kind of does a balancing act and showcases your curvy figure flawlessly.

Wear the dress with high heels, and no one can stop you from attracting all the attention.

 3. Polka Dot Maxi Dress Plus Size

A maxi dress is an elegant attire for women of all ages and body types. A maxi dress for a curvier woman in polka dot prints helps conceal all the unnecessary flab you want to hide from getting undue attention. Choose a dress with a fitted bodice above a flowing skirt, a belted waist, and V or a rectangular neckline. Dresses that graze the toe bring out the petite form, including for plus size women.

Keep in mind your comfort when pairing it up with heels or flats, as per your personal liking. Dark black background with white polka dots is one of the best patterns to pick from. The darker shade makes you appear slim and tall.

When it comes to picking the right fabric, stick with softer materials like Georgette and chiffon. The best thing about these two fabric types is that they give a flatter look to the curves. For the maxi dress, avoid wearing stiffer materials.

4. One-Piece Midi Straight Dress

Straight dresses have one advantage. They have no built-in waistline. This is one of the best dressing options for plus size women who have wider shoulders. Most women with an apple shape body type or a rectangular shape can choose the polka dot straight midi dress.

It does build in a casual-cum-formal look and, therefore, is a good choice to wear to all kinds of events. When buying the dress, make doubly sure that the dress follows a typical A-line cut. Due to the design, the lower part of the dress clings to your thighs and back, with the flare narrower than in a typical A-line dress.

As far as the fabric is concerned, choose a material that is breathable, elastic, and thick with a tight texture, like the Zhingong fabric. The material makes the dress easy to wear and care for.

5. Cowl Neck Slip Dress Plus Size

This flowing dress shouts party and having a good time from distances across. Easy to slip on, this one is casual and a must-have when you are getting all ready to impress someone special. The spaghetti straps highlight the shoulders with grace. The soft flowy cut is pretty romantic. Shop for a blue gown with large black polka dots with a cowl neckline that flatters your figure all through. The twirling of the skirt makes it even more fun and engaging.

The sling style, full skirt dress made of soft polyester fabric is a go-to for most plus size women.

6. An Empire Red Polka Dot Dress Plus Size

Another great choice for a classical red polka dot dress is the empire dress type. The advantage of this cut is that the bust portion is highlighted, taking away the attention from the waistline and the lower half of the body. This way, the dress emphasizes the upper body.

If you belong to the plus size and have a rectangular, triangular, or oval body type, then this dress is the right choice for you. The dress is styled in a manner that it curves over the bust and gathers just below it.

Empire dress types are available in a multitude of lengths. This means that you pick from maxis to minis, short tunics, or a breezy, flowing dress. This style looks absolutely gorgeous with a round neck. It is a fabulous dress that flatters your figure and makes you look like a fashionista having lots and lots of fun.

Conclusion - Best Plus Size Polka Dot Dress For Women

Looking to fill your wardrobe with some fabulous choices of plus size polka dot dresses? If yes, you are at the right place. Shop for some trendy polka dot dresses at Chiclover. Here, you will get an exhaustive range of choices, colors, patterns, and dress styles. It is one of the best online stores that have a specific product line catering to plus size women. The price range is pretty competitive too. buy a trendy plus size polka dot dress by Chic Lover.

Body shape and type do not have to be a deterrent factor in how you look and how comfortable and confident you feel when you move out of the home. Let your bulkier size not undermine your determination to look your best self and put your best foot forward. Go all out and shop for polka dot dresses that flatter your curves and emphasize your assets.

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