One Stop Shop Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie


One Stop Shop Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie

Happily, along with COVID-19, we have moved on from stereotypical fashion norms – like the belief that plus size divas can’t feel sensual and sexy in lingeries or that such silhouettes are meant for only average-sized ladies.

We have beautiful plus size models who champion the cause of size inclusivity and plus size fashion.  Thanks to brands committed to size-inclusive style, curvy ladies can now feel good in whatever voguish fashion ensemble and clothing pieces (without shame or whatever degrading social construct), including sultry, feminine intimates that hug the curves nicely, making nighttime the favorite time of the day to flaunt those curves.

Chic Lover not only sells plus size clothing, but we also deal in wholesale plus size lingerie for wholesalers, retailers, and individual customers alike. Anyone and everyone are welcome to share in the lushness and sexiness of our wholesale plus size lingerie options. Our plus size lingerie has these styles:

Benefits Of Having Some Plus Size Intimate Apparel Wholesale

Want to know why plus size intimates in wholesale are right for you and your curves?

Search no further divas…

1. Switch Up Your Night Wears

Yes, there are days when a lady just wants to sleep in oversized shirts and no pants or baggy joggers and similar tees. But this shouldn’t be the case at all times. And that’s why there are lingeries to help you switch up things by forfeiting those boring pajamas for wears more feminine and alluring.

2. Show Off Your Body…or Not

Whether or not you love to show some skin, there’s a place for you in some wholesale plus size lingerie. Some allow for some exposure, while others work for only minimal skin to be exposed. Whatever your preference, you can get it with the right lingerie.

3. You Can Get It In Different Styles And Types

Plus, size intimate apparel in wholesale comes in various fabrics, styles, and colors, such that you have a lot of options to pick from plus size lingerie vendors.

4. They Spice Up Your Sex Life

You can also play dress-up with your lingerie and engage in role-playing with lingeries made for such purposes. Such actions, which can only be achieved with sexy intimates, will raise your love and sex game, taking it from zero to a hundred in a twinkle of an eye.

5. Standalone Or Underwear

With lingerie, you can get one for the price of two…make that three. What do we mean? Some intimates can be worn alone in nighttime or underwear during the day, and even as swimwear. Having a clothing piece that serves different purposes saves you money. It allows you to experiment with varying options of lingerie.

6. Builds Your Confidence And Self-esteem

Wearing quality lingeries like chic lover plus size intimate apparel wholesale makes you feel good about yourself and appreciate your body. It builds your confidence in your own skin and makes you see how sexy and hot you can be if you want to.

7. Makes You Enjoy Being Active

Certain underwear does not accommodate specific athletic activities like jogging and whatnot. Certain lingeries like non-wired bras and bralettes will make you feel comfortable when jogging or hiking. Your typical underwear, on the flip side, might prove challenging to handle when being active.

Why You Should Go For Chic Lover Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie Collection

You may not have bought into the idea of sexy lingeries. The reason could be that just like bad hair days, you never seem to find the perfect “stylist” to match you with the ideal hairdo (in this case, lingeries), or perhaps you either always have to keep adjusting bra straps or struggle with the panty set that never desists from getting stuck in between your butt.

Undoubtedly, all these downsides could deter anyone from giving plus size intimates wholesale a chance. But with chic lover, all your lingerie horror stories are about to come to an end, and here is why:

Sexy Lingeries:

No rule excludes curvy ladies from sexy plus size intimate apparel wholesale. plus size lingerie can be every shade of “sex and the city.” The chic lover is the place where you can get awe-worthy plus size intimates apparel wholesale. We are a dedicated plus size lingerie vendor committed to giving our ladies a lingerie closet makeover. Our lingeries come in different sexy styles and more, distinguishing them from your typical wholesale plus size lingerie.

Dropshipping Services:

We offer drop shipping services where retail plus size lingerie vendors can sell products to customers but directly from our store. This works when a customer makes an order from a retailer, and to minimize the risks and buy cheap wholesale plus size lingerie for resale, the such retailer will have the customer’s order delivered directly from our store. We ensure that clients do not know our website when you engage in dropshipping. We also do not pose at the sender at the point of delivery.

Swift Payment Options:

We sell cheap wholesale plus-size lingerie and make payment methods easy, fast, and void of stress. We receive payments via PayPal (which is also an easy option for buyers outside the US), Bank payments, and Western Union, and direct online payment for small or sample orders. We have 3 days (after making an order) for payment to be completed. We are always open to receiving any communication on why payments might be delayed or should be extended.

Timely Delivery:

We deliver just in time for you to wear your sexy and alluring lingerie for that hot date night with your partner or to gift to your homegirl at her bachelorette party. Our standard shipping delivers sales within 15 to25 days. Express shipping delivers in 4 to 7 days (this is advisable when ordering wholesale plus size clothing bulk). With a timely delivery, you do not have to wait for months for your apparel to arrive. We deliver on time and ensure that purchases are in good condition during shipping and delivery.

Affordable Prices And Cheap Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie:

Chic Lover’s prices offer you the opportunity to look alluring without robbing a bank. Our plus size intimate apparel wholesale pieces sell for as low as $5, which means you have a whole of ash remaining to save or splurge on other essentials.

We also offer discounted sales regularly to give our curvy ladies access to cheap wholesale plus size lingerie. You can take advantage of such low prices to stock up with as many wholesale plus size lingerie types as you want from our lingerie collection.

Size-Inclusive Plus Size Intimates Wholesale:

There are size charts to guide you when lingerie shopping based on plus-sized sizes. Sizes can be alphabetical, numerical, or alpha-numeric. Many wholesale plus size lingerie vendors may provide these charts to help you know your body size. The downside to these charts is that sometimes they project a smaller-than-you-size, and on the flip side, they may size up (bigger than you). This is why at Chic lover, we make our products in various sizes to accommodate every plus-sized body size while taking the heights into consideration.

A Plethora Of Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie To Pick From:

We ensure versatility in varying options of style, color, patterns, designs, fabrics, and sizes. Having many options prevents you from limiting your closet –you spice up your fashion game with varieties and not stick to only specific kinds of lingerie. Our versatile approach also offers you the opportunity to consider lingerie types that are not your preferred choice and guides you into making informed choices when you want to select plus size intimates wholesale.

Quality Wholesale Plus Size Lingeries:

As a plus size lingerie vendor, you will be reviewed not only on your services but notably on the quality of the lingeries you sell. But chic lover has you covered with quality plus size intimate apparel in wholesale. We believe quality is as important as quantity and our customers, and your happiness with your clothing is our satisfaction.

Flexible Return Policy:

As part of our reliable customer service, we have friendly return and cancellation policies to foster a more transparent buyer-seller relationship. Following our flexible policies, you may cancel an order only before it is shipped or produced.

You may also return your order within 14 days after receiving it, contingent on some terms and conditions. You will also get a refund for your cheap wholesale plus size lingerie if your return is accepted and your refund processed. Sometimes, there might be issues of late or missing repayments. This, we also take care of after you have exhausted the processes of going to your credit card company and your bank.

Comfortable Wholesale Plus Size Lingeries:

When shopping for plus size intimate apparel wholesale, what should you look out for the most? Comfort! Every cheap wholesale plus size lingerie in our catalog promises not just style and lushness but comfort too. Revealing, soft, mysterious, and inviting – all packed into a finesse of comfortability. We can bet you won’t get any of these in one piece of lingerie from any other store.

It’s an end to loose bra cups and bra straps, baggy pants, and ugly underwear designs with Chic lover. We bring style, aesthetics, and comfort to the table. You should come ready to eat.

Friendly Customer Service:

Our customer care team is trained in people and communication skills. They make you feel welcomed and at ease while answering any questions you have or helping you with your plus size intimate wholesale order and selection. They are also style-conscious and can be trusted to give you bomber plus size intimate apparel wholesale tips.

Chic Lover Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie Collection

Sexy, flirty, skin-friendly, soft, alluring, variety, and innovative –these are the specs to look out for when lingerie shopping at plus size lingerie vendors. You want your closet to look like a section of Victoria’s Secret with all your beautiful and beautiful lingeries and underwear neatly arranged.

The good news is when you browse through our cheap wholesale plus size lingerie collection, you get to feed your eyes with intimate masterpieces selectively made and handpicked by our style experts to meet your needs. Let’s get you started on these beauties right away.

1. Plus Size Bra And Panty Set

Bras and panties are underwears typical to every lady irrespective of size. We often can’t go out without putting some on. For some, their bras and panties have become like a second skin. And since they are usually worn underneath our main clothing pieces, not much thought is given to how sexy, or cute bras and panties should be.

If you relate to this, this is a lingerie faux pas that you can put an end to by stocking up with chic lover’s beautiful bralettes, bras, and panty sets. Lace, satin, mesh, and others, you can get them in your favorite plus size intimates wholesale fabric and a host of colors and designs.

2. Lingerie Set

Our matching lingerie sets set the pace for what the lingerie set should be, especially for the newbies to the lingerie world. It may be difficult matching the right bralettes with the right lingerie bottoms, just as it can be with traditional plus-size clothing. But a cheap wholesale plus size lingerie set takes away this frustration and confusion that comes with matching individual lingerie pieces together.

Some lingerie sets often come with matching thongs and hosiery, so all you have to do is put it on and take control of the night.

3. Chemises

Chemises are skimpy nightgowns that fit the body snugly, accentuating the curves. Because they hit just a little below the crotch, you may choose to layer them over sexy panties of the same color as they are. And yes! Your beautiful panties are bound to be seen as most chemises are see-through.

4. Baby Dolls

Baby dolls are similar to chemises but with a few differences. Baby dolls are a little less snugly, and they often have more bra-cup support. You can layer baby doll lingeries over push-up bras and sheer stockings or hoses for a racier effect. To go overboard, put on some killer “come get me” heels the same color as your hose, and you’re set for some sexiness and fierceness.

5. Corsets

Corsets are an old-time feminine fashion staple that dates way back many years ago. With fashion evolving and whatnot, they are added to a dress’s bodice, worn underneath as supportive underwear, or worn alone as lingerie. Corsets and bustiers are typical for breast support, giving the waist a slimming look and clinching the midriff. The perfect undoing of your partner, corsets are a must-have bedroom essential to get the heat up.

6. Teddies

Teddies are more like intimate bodysuits. Always in revealing materials accompanied by sensual cuts and minimal coverage, they come in a plunging neckline, and you may have no need for a bra to wear one. They can also be worn in and out of the bedroom. To transform teddies into an “outside the bedroom” ensemble, you can layer a jacket or blazer over it on top of a high-waisted bottom. At night, peel off the extra pieces of clothing to reveal something more lightweight and inviting.7

7. See-through Plus Size Intimates Wholesale Lingeries

in this category, we have lingerie in lace, mesh, fishnet fabrics, and body stockings. See-through lingerie puts your body on display, most times having no covering on top or underneath it. They are either made as nightdresses, bodysuits, jumpsuits and like. For a less seductive and provocative effect, match see-through lingeries with fabrics with more coverage, and it just can make for beautiful sexy outwear.

8. G-strings

G-strings are a group of lingerie panties that save you the embarrassment of peeking panty lines through your clothing – especially jumpsuits, rompers, pants, and skirts. If you would rather your panties stay in place without shifting from side to side, then plus size intimates wholesale g-strings are your go-to. They cover the crotch area, leaving the buttocks bare, making it double as lingerie and swimwear.

Our Plus Size Intimates Wholesale Guide

Perhaps you’re new to the lingerie fan club, or you may do better rocking your lingerie with a piece of advice from experts; you have no need to worry. Below is the ultimate guide to cheap wholesale plus size lingerie wearing, which will help you flawlessly wear a lingerie piece or two anytime.

1. Consider Your Body Type And Body Size

Plus, size does not equate to one body size or body type for every curvy woman – no. There are different sizes and body types in the plus-size community. You will only be satisfied with your cheap wholesale plus size lingerie (and plus size clothing in general) when it is fitted – not too loose and not too saggy, just the right fit for the right body.

2. Highlight The Parts Of Your Body You Are Most Proud Of

When lingerie shopping, go for those that draw focus to your body’s details you want to flaunt. For instance, if you are a bit insecure about your thighs, you may want to draw attention away from your midriff and tummy; go for high wasted panty sets and garners belts or plunge-bra corset lingerie.

3. Know Your Plus Size Lingerie Brands

Buy plus size lingerie and underwear only from brands and stores with dedicated plus size clothing sections. Doing otherwise will only put you in a tight corner where you have a brand or vendor that knows nothing about plus size fashion and cannot help you with your fashion needs. Also, you might get only clothing sizes smaller than your body size, which is one of the frustrations of plus size intimate apparel wholesale shopping.

4. The Type Of Lingerie Fabrics Matters

Wholesale plus size lingeries are made in different fabrics and materials. For raunchy and sexy, lace and mesh plus size intimates in wholesale is your go-to. If you want something soft, lightweight, and flirty, go for options made in lucent satin or smooth silk. Cotton is best for lingerie worn as underwear. The sheer and transparent nature of organza makes it ideal for adding details to lingeries. Although velvet is lush and luxurious, it also quite bulky and does well for robes. At the same time, Florence’s net is transparent, comfortable, and drapes fluidly over the body.

5. Follow Plus Size Models And Celebrities

The good thing is that you are not the only curvy diva on the block. There are so many other plus size women rocking their cheap wholesale plus size lingerie and clothing, and you should do so too. Instagram is full of plus size celebrities and models whose fashion sense is bomber. They can be your style inspirations and celebrity-style role models.

The great thing is some of these celebrities have splurge-worthy plus size fashion houses and are plus size fashion designers themselves. With the right plus size lingerie vendor, the right level of confidence, and some celebrity plus size models to look up to, you are on the way to being a sexy curvy lady in some sexy plus size intimate apparel.

Searching for the right plus size lingerie vendor is quite a chore. And after haunting and searching, the scary part is that you are not guaranteed to find the perfect plus size lingerie vendor.

Allow Us To One Stop Shop Wholesale Plus Size Lingerie For You.

Undoubtedly, our lingeries will make a sexy addition to your wardrobes. All you need to do is browse through the collection and make a choice for yourself, and you bet your sweet patootie that it will be a perfect fit made in heaven. If you’re not a lingerie faithful, this is your chance to join the plus size intimate wholesale cult. You can buy for yourself, as a gift for your friends and loved ones, or as a plus size intimate wholesaler and retailer, to stock up your lingerie collection for your customers.

We are always here to answer any questions and clear any confusions you might have concerning our products and services. So get shopping and get sexy; the plus-size diva way!

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