Ways To Shop The Latest Plus Size Jean Shorts

Plus Size Jean Shorts

It’s time to fully bare your legs and don your plus size jean shorts this summer! These days, wearing womens plus size jean shorts with form-fitting crop tops is trendy. All of us stylish Plus Size women enjoy donning denim cutout shorts. One of our best fashion choices is investing money in a high-quality pair of plus size jean shorts built to last and perfectly fit Plus Size women. Every year it looked like we Plus Size ladies always wanted to look for a new pair of shorts, which bummed us.

In reality, shorts are older than denim itself and older than jeans. Although men used to wear suits and women wore dresses for a very long time, shorts appear to be a fairly contemporary wardrobe staple. Yet, in reality, womens plussize jean shorts have been around since the 1500s, during the reign of King Henry VIII of England.


Table of Contents for Ways To Shop The Latest Plus Size Jean Shorts:

1. Benefits of Wearing Plus Size Jean Shorts

2. Boost Your Personality By Wearing Plus Size Jean Shorts in Different Styles

3. Pro Styling Tips For Plus Size Jean Shorts

4. Where to Find the Best Deals on Plus Size Jean Shorts?

5. Wrap-Up

Benefits of Wearing Plus Size Jean Shorts

Denim isn’t just used to make jeans. Plus size stretch jean shorts can also be manufactured with this adaptable material. Denim shorts, which can be worn by everyone, have various distinct benefits. You should think about buying a pair of premium Plus Size jean shorts if you want to upgrade your wardrobe for the coming warmer months or simply sharpen your sense of style for the reasons listed below.


1. Breathable

Cotton is breathable, so wearing denim shorts won’t make you feel overheated and perspire a lot. They are excellent for extended lengths of time spent outside in the scorching summer heat. The permeable characteristics of plus size jean shorts will keep you cool by enabling your body to perspire naturally.

2. Stain-Resistant

Plus Size stretch jean shorts are less likely to become stained than other types of shorts, pants, and clothes, even though they can still do so when exposed to stains. Compared to other materials, denim is thicker and more resilient. As a result, many stains-causing agents will just flow off the surface of your high waisted jean shorts plus size rather than into the fabric. 

Nonetheless, you should still try to keep stains-causing items like coffee, soda, ketchup, mud, and dirt away from your Plus Size jean shorts. Yet even if they do manage to get stained, you can be sure that the qualities of your denim shorts will protect them from stains.

3. Wrinkle-Resistant

Moreover, plus size jean shorts resist wrinkles. This does not imply that your denim shorts will never wrinkle. They will eventually develop wrinkles if you fold or crumple them for an extended period. However, compared to other materials, denim is better suited to endure creasing and folding. You can easily remove wrinkles from your plus size stretch jean shorts by putting them in the dryer for a short while or pressing them with a steam iron.

4. Eco-Friendly

If you care about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that denim shorts are eco-friendly. Denim is made from cotton, a renewable resource that is grown and harvested in many countries throughout the world. Also, you can recycle your plus size ripped jean shorts if you no longer want them.

5. Comfortable

While evaluating the benefits of donning plus size stretch jean shorts, comfort must be considered. The velvety texture of the denim is soft and kind on the skin, specifically after a few washes. It won’t cause any further skin irritation or itchiness. The unparalleled level of comfort you’ll experience while wearing plus size jean shorts is a further reason to add them to your wardrobe.

6. Variety of Colors

A wide range of colors is available for denim shorts. Perhaps you want something more contemporary, like scarlet or olive, or perhaps you want something more conventional, like light blue or indigo. Whatever the case, you only need to look for a pair of denim shorts in the color you like. When denim originally appeared more than a century ago, it was nearly entirely designed in light blue and indigo colors. Today, however, a wide range of colors are available for denim jackets, jeans, shorts, and other clothing.

7. Easily Maintained

Plus Size jean shorts require very little upkeep, and that is an understatement. You essentially don’t need to do anything else to maintain them save the occasional washing and drying. Nothing specific needs to be done to clean denim. Instead, you might throw it in the washer with the rest of your clothing. And you may use a steam iron to press your plus size ripped jean shorts if they start to wrinkle, which is certain to happen sooner or later. 

Your denim shorts will look better after being pressed using a steam iron, which is a certain approach to getting rid of wrinkles. See the care tag on your denim shorts for more details on how to care for them.

8. Classic Appearance

Denim shorts provide a timeless look that will last the test of time for several years to come. Even though denim shorts have been worn for many years, little has changed in terms of their appearance. They continue to have the same timeless appearance that they had when they were initially made. Conversely, the popularity of plus size jean shorts won’t diminish any time soon. Denim is a great choice if you want a pair of shorts that seem timeless and classic just for that reason.

Boost Your Personality By Wearing Plus Size Jean Shorts in Different Styles

Wearing plus size jean shorts is the biggest fantasy of Plus Size women. Regrettably, Plus Size women may find it quite difficult to wear such attire. You’ll find styling advice for wearing denim shorts that will complement your personality in this section.

Let’s look at the details listed below:

1. Cotton Pull-on plus size Shorts

Good cotton pull-on shorts are a summer need for any lady. Wearing the mid-rise, Plus Size cotton shorts on a summer afternoon while going shopping, having breakfast with friends, or cuddling up with your love is the perfect option. Wear a Plus Size blouse with a pretty flower pattern to add extra unique touches.


2. Flared Shorts

With a pair of flared shorts, you can up your fashion game this season. These shorts offer the highest level of both comfort and style. On a day out, these shorts go well with a basic white tee and a pair of loafers. Wear this cozy pair of flared shorts in the softest fabric to unwind in style. The solid shorts have a charming design on the elastic waistband. These also have pockets, just like brownie points!

3. Leather Shorts

Leather shorts are the perfect Plus Size shorts as they are breathable and lightweight, which may also help you feel more at ease. Leather shorts are available in a variety of colors besides traditional black. Depending on how hot it is, a t-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, or even a linen shirt can be worn.

4. Stretch Woven Shorts

These shorts are woven from airy, soft, and lightweight fabric, making them a reliable addition to her bottom-wear rotation. Beat the summer blues with classic woven shorts. The soft cotton fabric gives a soothing effect on the skin and feels comfortable. Pair them with a casual cotton t-shirt and look simply styled.

5. High-Waisted Biker Shorts

High-Waisted Biker Shorts are crucial cycling shorts that will keep you cozy and comfortable during all of your physical activity. These cycling shorts are made to move with you at all times. The quick-drying, breathable fabric keeps you comfortable while exercising! Feel at peace while exercising! Stretching the fabric doesn’t make it less opaque.

Pro Styling Tips For Plus Size Jean Shorts

Shorts come in a wide variety of styles and lengths, including biker, denim, and leather. But, among all the different kinds of shorts, denim is the most popular and well-liked. You should take into account the occasion for which you are dressing.

  • Consider a camouflage jacket

If you’re looking to buy anything for a semi-winter season and pair it with shorts, a camouflage jacket is the ideal alternative for you. When you wear it, the long sleeves make you feel warm and comfortable. It can be challenging for Plus Size girls to choose jackets and wear them with shorts, but in this situation, a cameo jacket is a perfect choice. Two cut pockets and a full zip closure provide a comfortable fit and make them stand out when worn with shorts.

  • Combine with a white t-shirt

The ideal alternative, which will give you a terrific look, is to wear Plus Size jean shorts with a simple white shirt. This combo is the perfect choice for you if you’re looking for something to wear to work. The V-neck, collar, and 3/4 sleeves of the basic white shirt look fantastic with the shorts. This combo gives girls a more fashionable appearance. In addition, they can tuck their shirts in to give their shorts a stunning appearance.

  • Pairing with a fringed cardigan

One of the most fashionable options for Plus Size ladies to wear with plus size ripped jean shorts is a fringe cardigan. Fringes are cut pieces of cloth, which give a trendy look to the clothes and also cover your belly fat.

  • Put on a black striped t-shirt

When paired with high waisted jean shorts plus size, the trendy black striped t-shirt will ensure that you never get bored. T-shirts are always the greatest outfit option to pair with shorts. You feel cozy wearing this combination, which looks fantastic. The perfect outfit for the beach and cocktail parties is this black striped t-shirt paired with blue denim shorts, which is also an option for Plus Size ladies.

  • Shorts with cold shoulder tops

For Plus Size ladies, pairing cold shoulder tops with high-waisted jean shorts plus size is a great idea. The cold shoulder shirts come in a wide variety of patterns, just like other top choices. Off-shoulder finishes stand out because they are frequently fashioned to be excellent, complementing, and versatile to fit a laid-back Sunday brunch, a dinner date, or a night out. These tops are identifiable by their ornate necklines, distinct sleeves, and exposed shoulders.

  • Putting on a floral blazer

You can add a floral blazer to your jean shorts to update your present look. A floral jacket coupled with high-waisted jean shorts plus size is the best attire for Plus Size women to wear on a date or to a party. Keep the floral jacket open, or tie it with the belt. Wear the jacket only crafted from incredibly luxurious materials that can keep you cozy all day.


Whatever you decide to wear, it’s important to dress for your physique. You will always look gorgeous when you decide to wear jean shorts that highlight your natural physique. You’ll feel better about your appearance as well.

Where to Find the Best Deals on Plus Size Jean Shorts?

Be ready for warm summer days at the beach, or go out for drinks on the weekends with our collection of Plus Size shorts for ladies at Chic Lover. Our plus size jean shorts can be dressed up with a blazer and shoes for a night out or down with an oversized tee and sneakers for a more laid-back look. Flexible Plus Size jean shorts are available at Chic Lover, helping you stay warm and comfortable. Mid-rise and Plus Size high-waisted shorts are both available at Chic Lover, in addition to some stunning Plus Size tops. If you are looking for great options for Plus Size shorts, browse Chic Lover.

Ways To Shop The Latest Plus Size Jean Shorts

As shorts are so easy to style, they make a fantastic addition to your summer collection. Curvy women feel self-conscious when wearing plus size jean shorts because of deeply rooted detrimental societal stereotypes.

You are no longer required to be, though, as times are changing and individuals are learning and educating themselves. Now that there is more awareness of body shaming and acceptance of everyone, regardless of their body shape, it is time to stand up for yourself and flaunt your wonderful legs.

Shorts are becoming increasingly popular among women, and it’s now quite simple to style them for a variety of looks ranging from feminine to hard-core rock looks. Fantastic outfits can be made by paying attention to even the smallest elements. Your final appearance might be significantly altered by even minor modest detailing. So be ready to fashion!


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