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Wholesale Plus Size Tops

Where To Shop Plus Size Tops

At Chiclover, trendy is the word. All our Plus Size Tops products are made of quality yet durable and affordable materials. We also feature a wide range of sizes in every style imaginable! You can say we’ve got everything you need to rock the wholesale Plus Size Tops scene.

So if you’re a retail seller looking for where to get plus size tops at cheap rates or at wholesale prices, then hop on by. Our colorful and absolutely chic collection would bowl you over. Did we mention that our prices are mind-blowingly low too?

Hold up.

You didn’t think we’d forget about you, did you? Our lovely Chic clients. You don’t have to be a retail vendor to shop with us. Our discounts are for everyone. Meaning that you can stock your wardrobe with the finest wear without breaking the bank.

Why Should You Shop Plus Size Tops With Us?

Rearing to restock your shop with our plus size shirts & tops? You should be.

There are so many reasons why you – and your friends – should shop with us for your cheap plus size tops. And it doesn’t matter if you’re stocking your shop or buying it for personal use.

If you’re still wondering why you should buy your products at the one-stop shop for all plus size tops for women, then this should help.

Here’s how you can benefit from the Chiclover store.

We’ll list out the crowd favorites.

1. Dropshipping For Your Plus Size Tops Store

Maybe you’re a retailer with a sizable clientele, and you’re looking to widen the range and sizes of clothes you offer. Or perhaps you’re just starting out and want to own your personal plus size tops store.

Either way, we can help with that.

We offer drop shipping services to every registered Chiclover customer. Yes, there are no special forms.

All you need to do is advertise our women’s plus size tops and blouses on your website or social – without our name, of course. After this, you compile all your customer orders, buy the products from the Chiclover site, and we’ll do the rest.

Be sure to label your orders with the ‘DROPSHIPPING’ tag.

Dropshipping with us saves you the trouble of;

Pre-stocking beforehand and not selling some clothes at the end of the day.
Delivering customer orders. We can ship that for you once you give us an address.
Packaging your plus size t-shirts for delivery.
Bonus, you also get to fix your prices. And because our prices are super cheap, you’ve definitely lucked out in the bargain department.

Don’t worry, we don’t send your customers any info that suggests the clothes are from us.

In fact, we’ve got another surprise for you.

2. T-Shirt Customization Services

Chiclover also does custom shirts and clothing!

If you want to put a little spice on your wholesale Plus Size Tops purchase, you can request that we customize your orders.

We can put whatever inscription or design you want on your cloth. Company logos, funny cartoon characters, anime, anything you can think of – we’ll deliver. We can also provide bespoke designs too.

What you’ll have to do is send an email to our customer support with a sample of what you’d like us to do for you, and we’ll get on it.

Can it get better than this?

Not only are you buying cheap wholesale Plus Size Tops, but we’re also taking the stress of finding a designer for your custom t-shirts—the Chiclover dream.

3. Best Bargains and Prices for Plus Size Tops

At Chiclover, you get the best plus size tank tops, plus size crop tops, wholesale t-shirts

and other plus size tops at wholesale prices. Our rates are so low, that every day seems like a holiday.

What’s more? You get discounts on your purchases too—the more plus size tops you buy, the greater the discount. We also have discounts for our newbie customers too. So invite your friends!

4. Worldwide Shipping for Plus Size Tops

No matter where you are, we’ll find you.

Okay, that was a little scary. We mean we deliver your order worldwide. If you’ve got an address, we’ll probably find it. Of course, you can get your cheap plus size tops shipped faster by paying for express shipping.

We strive to ensure all your packages reach you safely and in one piece. That’s why we always double-check all orders at the warehouse before shipping them.

But, in the rare occasions when this doesn’t happen, and you get a defective or unsatisfactory product delivered to you, then perk number 5 may apply.

5. Returns and Refunds of Plus Size Tops

You can always cancel your order before it’s been shipped out. And if we don’t get your order right, or the goods are delivered damaged, you may return it and get a refund – if applicable.

We bear the shipping fee for returns that are caused by us.

Once the product has been returned, we inspect it to ensure it’s in its original condition. If your product qualifies for a refund, we send you the total amount.

6. Friendly Customer Support

Our customers are important to us. And we try our best to make shopping on our platform as easy and fun as possible.

We have a dedicated email for all customer complaints and questions. Our support service usually replies within 24 hours. And we stay with you until your problem is resolved as swiftly as possible.

7. Durable and High Quality Plus Size Tops

Often, when you go shopping for plus size t-shirts for women, you find out that they aren’t given the same attention as regular-sized wear.

It could be loose stitching here, a patch of thin and inferior fabric; it could be anything.

But, at Chiclover, we make sure our wholesale Plus Size Tops are made with the best materials and are worth the money you’ve spent purchasing them.

That’s just who we are. That’s what we do – providing cheap, luxury fits for your stores and wardrobes.

We’re sure you can’t wait to start adding clothes to your carts. But, before you do that, we’d like to showcase what we’ve got in store for all our Chiclover customers. And drop a few styling tips along the way.

Dressing For The Occasion: Chic Lover's Plus Size Tops Fashion Tips

The Chiclover brand is growing.

Currently, we have more than 190 different products on sale in our plus size top category. And they’re at ridiculously low prices with fantastic discounts at every turn!

We’ve stocked plus size tank tops, plus size crop tops, plus size t-shirts, and all kinds of plus size tops for women.

And because we want you to look your best at every turn, we’re giving out helpful fashion tips that can help you style your plus size tops better.


A) What Is The Best Style Of Dress For Plus Size Women?


As a full-figured woman, your clothing options may seem limited, but they definitely aren’t – not at Chiclover for sure.

In fact, if worn right, your seemingly ordinary plus size shirts, tops, and dresses can turn you into the belle of the ball.

First, you need to know your body type and how different clothes will look on it. For example,

Apple-shaped women would look irresistible in A-line skirts, belted tops, wraps, and off-shoulder dresses.
Pear-shaped women should consider dresses with details on the upper half of the body. They should also try high-waisted bottoms and fit and flare dresses.
Hourglass shapes would do well in body con dresses that show off their physique, stretchy dresses, and pencil cuts.
Rectangular body types need clothes that give them a curvier shape. Go for asymmetrical cuts, bold prints, and peplums.
Next, you look at the color.

Darker colors downplay areas of your body that you don’t want to draw attention to, while lighter colors emphasize. Use the two wisely. If you’re wearing a bright-colored dress, you can use a dark-colored belt to snatch your waist.

Okay, now let’s focus on Plus Size Tops.

B) How Would You Wear A Loose/oversized T-shirt?

Okay, you’re about to buy beautiful wholesale t-shirts from us. That’s terrific! All our products are trendy and flatter your figure. But did you know you can style these fits in different ways? Especially the loose plus size shirts & tops.

We’ll show you how.

You could wear an oversized shirt as a dress. Add sneakers and a nice belt to zhuzh it up.
Gather the front of your t-shirt and tie it. Add high-waisted jeans to the mix.
You can go baggy too. Join the baggy trend by combining your loose t-shirt with a pair of cargo pants. Maybe add a bomber jacket and bold jewelry to round it all up.
Oversize t-shirts also go well with leggings too, like this plus size white polo shirt.

You can try to match. For instance, you can wear a loose denim shirt-jacket tucked into jeans. Don’t forget to accessorize with shades and an eye-catching purse.
These are a few style tips for wearing your plus size t-shirts. They aren’t exhaustive, though. But we’ll keep ’em coming, so always check on us.

As always, the main point is to wear whatever you feel comfortable in at all times. Keep that in mind when browsing through our catalog of fabulous yet cheap plus size tops for women.

And because we absolutely adore our customers, we’re doing a mini-showcase of some of our best plus size shirts & tops. We’ve also added more fashion tips because we want all our clients to look stunning in whatever they buy from our shop.



1. Plus Size Shirt Dresses

Now, these babies are a cross between plus size t-shirts and plus size dresses. They’re on the fence between casual wear and passably corporate.

They’re usually loose on the body and often combined with a belt to accentuate your waist.

Shirt dresses can be made from a variety of materials like cotton, denim, and polyester. They can also be worn alone or with a pair of lovely pants.

Most times, shirt dresses can be terribly expensive, but we offer plus size tops at cheap and affordable prices.

At Chiclover, you’re treated to a vast selection of quality shirt dresses and plus size tops that can flaunt to any occasion. You can choose from funky hipster street tops or sleek polo-like casual shirt dresses in every size and color.

Now let’s look at some of the ways you can style your shirt dress.

You can wear your cute Plus Size Tops over retro wide-leg pants. Add a pair of eye-catching platform heels, and you’re good to rock. If you aren’t comfortable on platforms, you can wear dope boots to round off your chic look.
The time-honored way to wear a shirt dress is to accompany it with warm tights or leggings. They cover up and also let your skin breathe. Pro tip: Long leggings look cuter with straight shirt dresses, while frilly shirt dresses do well with midi leggings.

As always, jeans are to the rescue! A great pair of jeans can give your plus size shirts & tops that casual feel – is there anything jeans can’t do?
Try a belt. A tiny belt cinching your waist in that sweet – and cheap – plus size tops would be a home run. Belts help you flaunt that voluptuous figure. You can go for slim straps, like those on this vintage plus size tops, or go wild with a big leather affair.

2. Plus Size Crop Tops

Who says full-figured women can’t wear crop Plus Size Tops?! Now that’s absolutely incredible. Voluptuous women can rock a good crop anytime, anywhere.

You can find all kinds of plus size crop tops in our plus size tops line. We believe in variety. And if you’re a vendor, we want your clients to enjoy that variety at a very attractive price.

From lantern-sleeved crop beauties to sheer meshy materials, we’ve got it all, even in denim form.

Another favorite is our tie-front crop top that comes in colors white, red and black. It’s such a beaut and is a must-have for any core Chiclover fan.

Now we’ve piqued your interest, let’s look at the different ways you can style your women’s plus size tops, crops, and blouses like a boss.

Accessorize your plus size crop tops with a blazer. If you aren’t comfortable showing a lot of skin, or you want to add that sophisticated feel to your ensemble, you can wear your crop with a loose blazer. If your crop Plus Size Tops has oversized sleeves, then a blazer isn’t a good choice. Go sleeveless.
You can decide to wear a lace bralette with a print or patterned blazer. Don’t forget your other accessories! That brings us to the next tip.

Wear co-ords. Co-ords are dresses made in the same style and which come in a set, usually two-piece. Yes, just like pajamas. But, unlike pajamas, you aren’t dressed to sleep. You’re dressed to slay.
So, how does this work with crop Plus Size Tops? Beautifully. Yes, it works beautifully. If you aren’t sure what pants you should wear with your crop, you can buy a co-ord piece. Problem solved.

Go the high waist way. You can’t go wrong with high-waisted pants. Or skirts too. They help pull your belly in and snatch your waist so you look as cute as a puppy. Your high waist skirt or trousers can be loose or fitted to show those fantastic curves. You go, girl!

3. Plus Size Tank Tops

One clothing that people don’t pay much attention to is tank tops. They’re so casual-looking that people just don’t give too much thought when styling them. But that isn’t how it should be.

Every cloth you wear is important. Including that plus size tank top you bought at a wholesale price.

And at Chiclover, we believe that too.

All our plus size tank tops are carefully picked, so they reflect the beauty of all our customers. We also select the best and most comfortable materials for all our women’s plus-size tops and blouses.

Some of our best plus size tank tops are:

The classic striped tank top, which is also available in other floral prints. It can be paired with cute jeans or nice leggings.
And lots more!
The fun part is that you can get all the plus size tank tops listed above at outrageously low wholesale prices. We’re almost giving it away!

What are you waiting for?

Oh, tank top fashion tips. Right, let’s get to it.

Buy neutral-colored tank tops. You can have as many print or patterned tank Plus Size Tops as you want, but it’s also good to buy neutral monochrome colors that you can match with jackets.
Tank tops aren’t just meant to serve as layers. Instead, get your tan on with pants and a tank top. Make sure your bra fits your attire.
When in doubt, wear leggings
Always accessorize your plus size tank top with dazzling jewelry, a stylish purse, and statement shoes.

4. Plus Size Coats And Jackets

When we say we offer all types of plus size tops for women, we sincerely mean all kinds. And that includes coats and jackets.

Get the best collection of plus size tops, jackets, and coats at outstanding rates that’ll keep you coming for more.

Our coats and jackets can be found in any material and design that suits your fancy.

We’ve got camo jackets and trench coats for that magnificent albeit ruggedly tough look. There are cute, puffy-sleeved denim jackets you can pair with almost anything.

Need something corporate? Try our sleek fit and flare coat with lace half-sleeves.

You could try streetwear too, like our packable down winter coat and our simple denim shirt.

Want something more luxurious?

Then our faux fur coat is available in six striking colors. Or maybe wool is more your speed. There are also leopard print fits for our animal print lovers.

We can provide all this and more in the best quality and in any quantity too.

And now, our top plus size coat tips.

Check the length. If you’re on the small side, you might want to stick to mid-length coats. Wearing longer coats may make you look short. Slightly below the knee or above the knee coats are your ideal options. Of course, if you’re tall, go for longer lengths.

Try belted coats. This snatches your waist and frames your curves, creating an hourglass look. It’s way better than coats that are solely buttoned up or zipped.
Choose an A-line coat to accentuate your hips. You don’t want your jacket looking strained around your hips. Also, A-line jackets flatter your figure more.
If your shoulders are narrow, choose a jacket or coat with exaggerated shoulders that can balance it out. Especially if you have wider hips.

5. Plus Size Sweater Tops

If we’ve got plus size trench coats, then we’d most certainly have plus size sweaters too.

Amongst our plus size tops for women, we also have cute sweaters for your casual outings this autumn season.

Or you can try on this sexy leather trench coat.

Sometimes we want a loose, boho vibe in our plus size tops. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. At Chiclover, you can take your pick amongst our loose, androgynous sweaters in every shade and color you can think of.

And if you’re a fan of cheap plus size tops, but you prefer turtlenecks, then you’ll undoubtedly drool over our classic woolen turtleneck, available in bright orange.

We also have cute, plus size tops and artsy cardigans that compliment your body and turn heads too.

Now, what tips do we have for our sweater-loving fans?

If you want a more slimming look, pick smaller patterns instead of big ones.
Spandex for the stretch. If you want a stretchy sweater, check for products that have a little spandex too.
Sweaters are meant to stay with you for a while. So choose the one you’d like to see every day – we didn’t say wear every day, though.
Stock neutral colors too. They’re versatile and go with everything.
Go for balloon sleeves if you aren’t sure of your arm size. They’re also pretty trendy.

6. Plus Size Blouses

women’s plus size tops and blouses

Blouses are another must-have. They are lifesavers, and every woman should have a couple in her wardrobe.

And if you’re a retailer searching for affordable women’s plus size tops and blouses, look no further. You can stock up on cheap plus size tops of the finest quality and styles at the touch of a button.

Our women’s plus size blouses range from adorably cute to ruggedly chilly. Frills, ruches, pleats, you name them. We have them all.

In Conclusion - Where To Shop Plus Size Tops


And here are some handy tips to help you rock your plus size tops better:

Look for blouses that have a slight stretch. They look better on your figure and complement your curves more.
Also, choose design details that flatter your shape like darts, ruches, and wrappings.
No frills, but don’t look too busy.

Layer up. Wear a lovely jacket or cardigan over your blouse. It creates a slim look and reduces the appearance of your midsection.
Blouses with fringes, frills, or ruffles at the side make your arms and torso seem longer. And we have a fringed black satin blouse that’s perfect for you.
That’s not all. It just keeps getting better and better, and you can’t miss out on this opportunity. Shop for all your affordable plus size tops and blouses at Chic lover today!

Got any inquiries? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here for you. Always.

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