Best Plus Size Shirt Dress for Women

Plus Size Shirt Dress

Best Plus Size Shirt Dress for Women

Being oversized is no more a challenge in modern times. Women certainly don’t go about hiding their 12+ or 14+ sizes because fashion trends these days pay as much attention to plus size women as their slimmer counterparts. Consequently, a lot of garment styles nowadays are weaved around large-sized ladies. Take the case of a wrap-around dress or an a-line dress that looks fabulous on women with curvy bodies.

Another interesting dress option for women on the larger side is the plus size shirt dress. Like all other garments for plus size women, this dress helps with creating a slimming effect. This is especially a great choice for women who have a large mid-section and wish desperately to hide it when dressing up.

Continue reading as we take you through the different kinds of plus size shirt dress options available, styling tips, how to take care of the dress, etc., in this article.

Plus Size Shirt Dress - What It Is & Its Benefits

plus size shirt dresses are one of the most flattering styles advised for women who wish to keep their belly area concealed. On the face of it, the dress is cut out as a shirt with collards and mostly buttoned up in the front. These dresses have adequate space in the center. As a result, the shirt dress does not cling to the waist or the stomach. With the help of peplum or ruching, they can hide the undesired areas while flaunting the desired ones.

One of the biggest pros of the dress is that the collar, sleeves, and buttons take the focus away from the areas that you want to hide. On the contrary, it emphasizes the top half of the body. This dress style helps you flaunt the arms and the collar area, detailing your other assets.

plus size women’s dress shirts are super versatile, as they can be styled as you wish, like a fashionista. It can be easily dressed down or up, worn as workwear, or as a weekend dress to a social get-together. Its silhouette impression makes you look cool and stylish. The best part is that the shirt dress will never go out of fashion, and therefore, it is a good piece of garment to add to your wardrobe.

The shirt dress is comfortable to wear with a very relaxed fitting. The plus point is that it suits formal and informal events with equal grace. Similarly, it can be styled with other apparel to suit any season, be it summer, rain or winter. You simply need to focus on the styling aspects – the shoes that you wear, the accessories, etc. to create the best-looking you.

Here are some of the elegant ways to wear the plus size shirt dress:


  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt beneath the shirt dress during winter for an extra layer of warmth. Ensure that the colors and the design match both garments. This style looks great with a plus sizeoversized t-shirt dress.
  • Another way to style the shirt dress is to pair it up with smart leggings or tights. This is a very easy style to master and gives you a layer of extra protection when the weather starts to get chilly. Plain tights with flamboyant colors of the dress look great. Give it an extra edge of style by wearing boots or high heels with the attire.
  • When you wear a denim jacket over the attire mentioned above, you create another stylish look for yourself. When the weather is warm, go in for a light jacket. If the temperatures outside are dropping fast, you can pair up the attire with heavier woolen jackets. This is a great look for a casual day spent shopping with friends or your spouse. If the dress shirt is lighter in color, wear darker-colored jackets. You can try pairing it up with utility jackets or cardigans during the winter season.
  • For a cool and relaxed look, use a flannel shirt and tie it up near the waist. It’s a great dressing option for the daytime when the sun is hot, and yet you would like to look cool.
  • A plus sizemidi shirt dress can give an inspiring look when paired with a leather belt or a self-fabric belt. Change the type of belt from flashy to minimalist to achieve different looks for different occasions.
  • Pair a plus sizedenim shirt dress with comfortable flats, cage sandals, or trainers to give a different look to your dress. Top it up with cat-eye sunglasses for a retro feel and look.
  • For the weekend, you can pair a plus sizeoversized T-shirt dress and clinch it in the middle with a catchy belt, wedge sandals, and a basket handbag. This attire puts forth a beach undertone to your overall look.
  • plus sizewomen’s dress shirts can be worn to weddings and special events too. You can get it tailored to give your shape a flattering finish or buy a plus size maxi shirt dress Look for luxe materials. You can pair a hat with the dress for a sophisticated charm. Wear chunky gold jewelry to complete the look.
  • Another way to look great in a shirt dress and one that suits almost all occasions, is to wear it over loose-fitting trousers. If you are wearing a vest or a camisole underneath, you can keep the dress unbuttoned at the top or completely unbuttoned like a kaftan.
  • An ideal way to style a plus sizemaxi shirt dress, use statement buckle belts that clinch high-waisted. Complete the look with a scarf at the neck and a pair of flat strappy sandals.

Tips To Find The Perfect Plus Size Shirt Dress For Your Body Type

A shirt dress is one of the choicest options to highlight a fuller figure. The dress contours your frame, but it is essential to find the best fit for your body type. Here are some of the ways to find the right shirt dress plus size for yourself:

  • Apple-shaped body: For a woman with a voluptuous frame, full bust, round shoulders, and round waist, the best way to pick a shirt dress is to look online or visit a physical store. You should ideally go in for short shirt dresses that show off your legs. Take care to wear well-fitted undergarments so that the bust area is accentuated. Half or full sleeves are the best tries. A V-shaped neck is the right choice for your body type. Take care to wear long boots or small heels. Denim or any other softer material is good to go.
  • Hour-glass figure: If you have full hips and bust, you can go in for a figure-hugging plus sizedenim shirt dress. Floral printed dresses look good on you. Pair the dress with small heels. The shirt dress can be short or knee-length.
  • Pear-shaped Body: If you have a small bust and narrow shoulders but full hips, you can choose plus sizeshirt dresses from a reputed online store. Ensure that the dress accentuates your waist. A skinny fit is a good choice. Go in for shirt dresses that have pockets at the waist. A sleeveless dress would look good on you. Striped patterns on satin fabrics are recommended for full-size women with pear-shaped body types. For a casual look, you can pair the dress with a denim jacket. Short dresses are ideal for you.
  • Inverted Pyramid Body Type: In this body type, the upper portion is comparatively broader than the lower part. A shirt dress is ideal for you because it highlights the bust and the legs. A shirt dress with a shorter length is ideal. Choose the high-waist type dress. The bottom of the dress can be either wide or asymmetric. Go in for gentle fabrics with bright colors.

Plus Size Shirt Dress Outfits For You

Here are some of the fabulous-looking plus size women’s dress shirts for your wardrobe:

  1. A plus size tee shirt dress: A V-Neck T-shirt dress in contrasting colors can take your style quotient up by several notches. Go in for a contemporary cut so that you can wear it to all kinds of events. Color combos of orange and black, orange and red, or black and red will add vibrancy to your steps.
  1. A plus size denim shirt dress: Denim is an all-time favorite of women of all shapes, types, and sizes. The denim shirt dress, full-length, is not just comfortable but also gives you an edge over others. The dress is gorgeously smart and chic and helps you make a fashion statement without much effort. You have the choice to button it all up or leave the buttons open when wearing a stylish camisole underneath.
  1. A plus size oversized T-shirt dress: An oversized tee-shirt can raise eyebrows wherever you go but let that not bother you. Pick a dress that over-emphasizes your bust, shoulders, and your legs. A short or knee-length oversized t-shirt dress is ideal for all occasions, including a date night or a sleepover. With a flowy twist, the dress looks absolutely stunning and feminine. Vertical stripes give it an element of elegance.
  1. A plus size maxi shirt dress: A flowing maxi shirt dress is no less alluring. If you want to gift yourself a camo print dress, then this is the right dress for you. Search online, and you’ll come across some fantabulous choices of these maxi shirt dresses.
  1. A mini shirt dress: This feminine dress is a charmer all the way through. The short dress is trendy and helps flaunt your key assets unassumingly.

How To Take Care Of Your Shirt Dresses?

Your prized shirt dresses should never be taken for granted. You need to take good care of them. A few basic and easy steps ensure the longevity of the garment as well as the original look. These are a few ways to take care of your plus size shirt dress:

  • Wash the collars of the dress regularly. This is where the body moisturizer or your makeup tends to stain the dress.
  • Instead of putting the dress in a dryer, hang it on a hanger for air drying. This will help hold the fabric fibers and not break them down.
  • When hanging on hangers, make sure that the hanger is smaller in width than the shirt. Lay out the shoulders well on the hanger surface.
  • In case you find stains on the shirt dress before ironing, remember to wash the stains once again.
  • The right way to iron is to first do the collar, then the cuffs, and finally the body part of the dress.
  • It is always better to iron your shirt and dress when it still has some moisture in them. Dry ironing can harm the fabric. If the dress is completely dry, spray water and then iron it.
  • When you are packing the dress, take special care. It is best to button up the entire dress. Use a cardboard band to keep the collars in place. The bands support the collar and keep them in shape.
  • When folding the dress, keep it front-side down. Place a sheet of paper on the back and then fold. This will help keep the dress crease-free.
  • Keep the dresses in opposite directions when keeping them one over the other.
  • It is always advisable to use soft cases.
  • An effective way to remove creases from the shirt dress without using an iron is to spray a mist of water on the area and then tug the bottom of the hem.


Winding Up - Best Plus Size Shirt Dress for Women

Plus size women’s dress shirts are the perfect way to dress up for all occasions. If you are keen to buy some amazing shirt dresses for yourself or gift them to a close one, remember to check out the awesome collection of trendy plus size shirt dresses by Chiclover. Follow the tips to choose the right dress as per your body type and get set go to surprise everyone with your chic look.

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