Find Plus Size Asymmetrical Dress That Fits

Plus Size Asymmetrical Dress

Find Plus Size Asymmetrical Dress That Fits

The asymmetrical dress has been around for quite some time, a trend that never seems to die. Even though it looks vintage, the highlighting point is that it is pretty offbeat and makes you look seductive and hyper-feminine.

A Plus Size asymmetrical dress is a fabulous addition to your wardrobe if you are heavier. The delicate garment can be immaculately styled to wear on almost all kinds of occasions. Continue reading to know more about the dress type, how to wear it, and tips to style it.

The Trend of Asymmetrical Dresses for Plus Size Women 

An asymmetrical dress is characterized by a hemline or a neckline that slants. A one-shoulder attire is also a common example of the dress type. Down below, at the skirt, the slant can vary from being a subtle one to deeper cuts. It can be unidirectional or multidirectional. Sometimes, the slant can be from both sides, peaking at the center.

The asymmetrical dress for normal and Plus Size women has been around since the 1970s, and famous designer Roy Halston designed it for the first time. The dressing style reached its peak by the 1980s and, ever since, has been a key offering by couture designers.

Even though the style faded to the backdrop in the 1990s, it has re-emerged in the past few years. Many celebrities and fashion models have been making this style popular with their catwalks.

The triangular-looking dress has been a common choice for Plus Size women too. However, for most, the choices from branded garment companies have been pretty limited, with no specialized brand offering Plus Size asymmetrical dresses in their collections.

Lately, things have changed, and for the better. Online stores like Chiclover have a separate section for Plus Size women. You can now shop online at their store or any other reputed brand offering exclusive dresses for heavier women.

Different Types of Plus Size Asymmetrical Dresses

Here are some very popular choices of Plus Size asymmetrical dresses for women.

Asymmetrical Plus Size Formal Dresses

As the name indicates, this dress is a go-to style for formal events like cocktail parties or business meetings. Choose from a range of colors to suit the occasion. You can stick with black or darker colors if it is a professional meet. A body wrap dress is a good choice as a formal asymmetrical dress.

Asymmetrical Plus Size Evening Dresses

A bodycon dress that hugs you tight at the right places is such an excellent choice as an evening dress. Things could even improve if it is in the asymmetrical cut and style. You can be crowned the next fashionista and make heads turn at any event you land up in. Go in for one that flatters your assets. When you move around and mingle with confidence, the bodycon dress with the right accessories will make you look chic and smart – you will love all the attention!

Another great choice for the evening dress is a glittery Plus Size asymmetrical dress. Dressed in sequins on a bright dress, you are all set to make a statement wherever you go. A wrap-around looks gorgeous irrespective of your body shape or size. Keep the dress short to look your stylish best.

Plus Size Asymmetrical Maxi Dress

A maxi dress that flatters your Plus Size figure is ideal in the asymmetrical design. Choose a dress made from polyester fiber to comfortably fit your shape. An a-shaped skirt is a maxi dress that suits every Plus Size woman. A flowing skirt beyond your ankles is a fashionable addition to your wardrobe.

Go in for an elegant navy blue dress that gives grace to your steps and figure. A lace bodice is a good choice for an added touch of femininity, and flared sleeves highlight your arms and shoulders.  

Plus Size Asymmetrical Prom Dresses 

A prom is a special event in every lady’s life, and your attire needs to be extraordinary. If the prom date is during summer, go for a one-sleeve Plus Size asymmetrical dress. With an eye-catching print and big-sized floral, you can choose colors that give your personality a vivid angle. There are choices of pinks, yellows, and greens that are good to go. You can reuse it and wear it again to parties, cocktail dinners, etc.

Plus Size Asymmetric Midi Dress 

Polyester-made, the midi dress in an asymmetrical shape accentuates your curves in the right place. A polyester-material dress clings to you at the right places and provides unparalleled comfort. When the weather gets a bit chillier, this one must be taken out and worn to any event, casual or official.

Interestingly, the slant cut, in this case, is at the neckline, making it a one-shoulder dress, adding to the overall elegance. Another daring choice is an asymmetrical leopard dress that’s not just cute but sexy too. Get ready to look your seductive best when going out with your partner for a date night. This statement piece should be a part of all Plus Size women who are confident about their curves.

Plus Size Asymmetric Cocktail Dresses 

For a cocktail evening, you would want to look alluring and chic. We have the best option for you – the Plus Size asymmetrical cocktail dress that flaunts and flatters your curvy figure. You will be the center of attraction throughout the evening when donning the appealingly styled attire. An asymmetrical beach dress or a stylish swim dress with spaghetti straps is a good option, too, as a cocktail dress made from velvet fabric.

These are gorgeous options, especially when green and orange colors are embraced. This is a sophisticated choice for cocktail evenings and parties.

How to Wear Plus Size Asymmetrical Dresses?

One of the best things about the Plus Size asymmetrical dress is that it is pretty simple and light. The shape is simple, minus frills. The patterns look good and impressive. The asymmetrical dress accentuates your chest region, shoulders, and hips. All your curves get highlighted, whatever the design of the dress.

To wear the asymmetrical dress impressively, keep the following points in mind:

Sometimes the dress is styled so that you wouldn’t need to wear a bra underneath. The off-shoulder ones or the ones with a strap. That’s fine. You should feel confident in the dress, and that is what matters. Make sure that the dress has a headband and a good-fitting one. Also, a discreet one looks stylish instead of the headband showing up front.

The asymmetrical dress should be layered well if the weather outdoors is getting colder or if you are uncomfortable with some skin show. A pretty tuxedo jacket can do wonders – it keeps your style intact and protects you.

Match your asymmetrical dress with pumps for an easy-going ‘don’t care’ look or with high-heels for an elegant appearance. This is if you are wearing the dress for an evening party. Tie your hair in a bun and wear a minimal necklace to complete the look.

During the day, remember to wear a pair of leggings or tights to protect your lower limbs. Also, this gives a very casual look. Match the dress with open sandals, for summer or rock boots, for winter.

Use a denim jacket for a layered look.

Messenger bags gel well with your Plus Size asymmetrical dress, whatever style you wear, and whatever occasion.

During the summer season, you should typically wear shorter asymmetrical dresses. Go in for vivid colors with larger floral prints.

Styling Tips for Plus Size Women Who Wish to Try This Trend

Do not wear too many pieces of jewellery with an asymmetrical dress.

The best option is to wear simple earrings and maybe a statement neckpiece.

Choose a hemline that you are comfortable with. You should focus on your height, shape, and body type.

Choose the right footwear. Wedges, pumps, heels, or boots with your Plus Size asymmetrical dress. Dress according to the occasion.

To wear to a workplace, you need to accessorize the Plus Size dress accordingly. But, yes, you can comfortably wear it to your office and an evening party.

Always go with sleek accessories with your asymmetrical dress. A stylish bracelet, finger rings, and dainty ear hangings elevate your look.

Wear heeled shoes for a refined and taller look if you are short. If you are tall, wear wedges.

Go for a Bohemian cut so that your feminine neck and upper chest region look appealing.

Your makeup should be simple, more on the plainer side. Put a subtle lipstick and apply a very light eye shadow.

Don’t go overboard with your makeup when wearing a Plus Size asymmetrical dress. 

For a party, a dazzling clutch should look good. During the day, you can substitute with a pretty lady’s handbag.

Wear a thin metallic belt to highlight your waist. It will add to the glamor effect.

Examples of How to Wear Asymmetrical Plus Size Dresses in Everyday Life 

Style your asymmetrical dress for a fashion statement in these ways:

A sweater dress looks sleek during the winter. Wear a red color or any bright-colored asymmetrical dress with white pants for the ultimate feel. Remember, it will keep you warm and cozy during the winter. This is a good try-on for a person with an hourglass figure. Pair it up with a clutch, hoop earrings, and sneakers; you are good to go.

A halter neck asymmetrical dress gives you a bolder essence. But it is a popular trend, and you should also adopt it. Any pink-colored dress with abstract prints looks stunning. If you are off to the beach, this is a must-have dress in your packing. Wear wedges to make a statement.

A Plus Size asymmetrical dress as partywear in royal blue or purple is a beauty. Shoulder strap styling can give a contemporary look. For the party, wear petite accessories and carry a dazzling clutch that matches the look.

Asymmetrical T-shirt dresses are also in vogue these days. Women of any shape and size can wear it. Give your look a trendy edge with this dress. It is minimalistic and yet too elegant. Wear your sneakers, carry a sling bag, and danglers on the ears to match.

An asymmetrical short velvet dress is mesmerizing. The dense fabric in black or blue is an interesting choice for a woman with an apple shape or hourglass figure. Matching silver heels, statement earrings, and a black bag look extremely pretty and sophisticated.

A Plus Size Asymmetric Midi Dress is never out of trend. Brighter colors look fantastic. It is a fantabulous choice for casual outings. Pair the dress with flats or sneakers.


Where Can You Buy Asymmetrical Plus Size Dresses?

The best place to buy Plus Size asymmetrical dresses is either an online store or a brick-and-mortar store in a shopping complex or mall near you. Most brands do not have a special or exclusive line for Plus Size women, but a handful of online brands make dresses only for heavier women.

Buying online is the best option, though. It saves you from rushing to a shopping complex. Plus, it is easier to browse and look for designs online as it takes only a simple click with your fingers. The best brands are now available online, making shopping an easy affair.

Conclusion - Find Plus Size Asymmetrical Dress That Fits

Are you all inspired now to get a nice-looking, chic, Plus Size asymmetrical dress? In that case, you have landed at the right place. At Chic Lover, you get a range of styles of asymmetrical dresses, as if tailor-made for you. For the best fit and an asymmetrical dress, you can call your very own shop at Chiclover.

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