The Best Plus Size Denim Dress for Every Occasion

Plus Size Denim Dress

The Best Plus Size Denim Dress for Every Occasion

Denim is a much-loved fabric across men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. The material is universally lovable because of the versatile styles and looks it renders to every dress. Denim dresses are never out of trend and are suitable for weather conditions. You can wear them out for a casual get-together or a formal setup without hesitation. Though most commonly used in making jeans, denim dresses look chic and are available in different designs. 

If you are a plus size woman of style or wish to experiment with your look, read on as we take you on a journey about plus size denim dresses. From maxis to midis, short to long denim dresses plus size, a range of dress types is available for women. We will tell you tips for choosing the right denim plus size dress based on your personal style and body shape. 

Introducing Plus Size Denim Dresses

A denim dress is a must-have wardrobe staple, irrespective of whether you are slim or plus size. It is one dress that will never be out of fashion, and you will always be able to wear it to any occasion with the right accessories. Dressing it up or down is never a challenge because almost all types of complementary accessories look good when paired with this dress. 

To look good in a plus size denim dress, buy the style that suits your body shape and size and the right color. When considering layering, go in for accent and contrasting colors to look a fashionista.

Gone are those days when being a plus size was a disadvantage, and there were zero or negligible options for finding the right dress. The world of fashion has evolved dramatically in the last few years. Today, it doesn’t matter if you have a zero waist size, a regular waist, or are on the heavier side. 

There are ample dressing styles for plus size women that have revolutionized the way ladies dress up today. If you have an XL or XL+ size and feel you have limited choices of dresses, then it is time to browse online and look out for specialized plus size boutique shops where you will find dresses made for your size. Don’t think that you have to compromise on your dressing sense or style just because you have a larger-than-normal size.

It is essential to have stylish options in larger sizes because the size does not matter when it comes to confidence and self-esteem. How you present yourself to the world is your choice, and you have as much right to be dressed stylishly as a normal-sized woman. With exclusive styles created for your size, you can now take on the world and show them your might and what you are worth. 

Women’s plus size denim dresses give you many choices to dress up just the way you want. By styling and accessorizing right, your fashionable side can now get showcased for the world to see and appreciate. So don’t stop yourself from looking up online and finding the perfect denim dress for a plus size woman! 

Types of Plus Size Denim Dresses

Now the good news! There are multiple styles in women’s plus size denim dresses. From shirt dresses to maxis, short dresses, shift dresses, and fit-and-flare, you will surely come across the style that suits your body flawlessly. 

  • A-Line Denim Dress for plus size Women: It is one of the basic styles available. It is comfortable, casual, and a style that suits all kinds of body shapes. You can go for a sleeveless, short sleeves, three-quarter, puff-sleeved, or full-sleeved A-line dress. You will also get different necklines – round, V-shaped, square-shaped, tie-up neck, and so on. The size could differ too – a maxi, midi, short dress, a mini dress, and so on. For a plus size woman, the A-line dress never fails because it gives a slimmer look to the body. Style it with white sneakers, keep your hair loose, and carry a sling bag to complete the look. It is best recommended as casual wear.
  • Long Denim Dress plus size: A long dress symbolizes grace and beauty. It is made with denim fabric and looks fascinating whether you go in for a sleeveless style or with straps at the shoulder. You can have embroidered square or round neck with a flared hem. It gives off a youthful and casual look all through. The long denim dress is suitable for a woman with a pear-shaped body. It is a simple outfit, best reserved for outings with friends and family.
  • Fit-and-Flare plus size Denim Dresses for Women: A fit-and-flare dress is more like the A-line dress and is an excellent way to put forth your style statement for everyone to see. To make things classy, go for long bell sleeves with a V-neck. The jean material dress is a good option for parties, vacations, and even formal events. It is a great dressing choice for women with pear-shaped bodies. Pair it with your pump shoes and sunglasses for an elegant look.
  • plus size Denim Shirt DressIf you have an hourglass, pear, or apple-shaped body, try the plus size dress made from denim. Remember, shirt dresses are trending now and are considered contemporary dresses with a bohemian look. You can tie a belt at the waist to accentuate the curves. It is a daily wear that looks great with full or half sleeves. Wear flats or sneakers and carry a sling bag. 
  • Maxi Denim Dress plus sizeThe all-denim maxi dress is another charming addition to your wardrobe. Easy to carry, you can create your own fashion statement in this dress. It could be a full flowy dress or with slits at either side. Wear this to family events like brunches or night outs with friends. A maxi dress with a shirt collar looks gorgeous and is recommended for ladies with hourglass or curvy figures. Pair the dress with heels to look taller, and wear a belt to highlight your waist. 
  • A Denim Bodycon Dress plus size: If you have beautiful shoulders, go in for a strappy bodycon denim dress that fits your curves lovingly. It is a stylish dress that looks stunning with the right accessories. You can reserve this dress for special date nights. Healthier women may need to work a bit with the fittings, but overall it is an excellent style to try if you have a curvy body. Wear it with sneakers and metal earrings to look hot and sexy.
  • A plus size Asymmetric Denim Dress: Asymmetric dresses look good on women with pear-shaped bodies. It looks exquisite, mainly sleeveless dresses. The style is classic and impressive. Wear this dress to parties and dinner events. Wear your big-dial watches and wedges for extra power.

Choosing A Plus Size Denim Dress

Denim is cute, and a plus size denim dress is all about looking smart and being comfortable in your own skin. Even though denim dresses suit all body types and sizes, you still need to carefully consider the shape of the dress, the color of the fabric, etc., before picking a dress for yourself. These are a few tips that will help you choose the right denim dress:

  1. Consider the color and the wash of the denim. Most types of denim are in shades of blue, but there are other color options too. To gauge the depth of the blue color, you need to consider the wash. It represents the lightness of the darkness of the fabric. Dark denim is suitable for office and evening wear, whereas a lighter wash works great for a casual day. You can wear it during the daytime. 
  2. Choose a plus size denim dress as per your body shape. Here’s what will look best on you:
  • Apple shape: Go in for a shirt-style long sleeves dress. Pinafore denim dresses also look good on you. A shift dress in printed denim or an A-line dress is also made for you. 
  • Pear Shape: A cold shoulder or fit-and-flare dress will suit your body shape charmingly. The other style that is curated for your body is the asymmetric denim dress. A high-neck checked denim dress can also do wonders for your figure.
  • Hourglass Shape: A skater square neck dress, a fit-and-flare dress, a halter neck A-line dress, an off-shoulder denim dress, dungarees, and shirt dresses do your figure full justice. Wear these styles, and you’ll be the center of attraction in no time. 

Accessories & Styling Ideas

  • Accessorizing a Casual Denim Dress: When wearing a casual denim dress, you can choose accessories like a straw hat and keep your sunglasses within easy reach. A crossbody bag adds to the casual look.
  • Accessorizing a formal denim dress: When wearing dressy denim attire and going to a party, remember to carry a clutch and keep the sunglasses away.
  • Jewelry: A casual denim dress looks impressively attractive with chunky bangles and neckpieces. Wear a wristwatch that is big and bold, metallic and striking. A statement necklace looks charming too. 
  • Shoewear: Flats and sneakers are the go-to footwear options with a plus size denim dress when worn for a casual event. For formal wear or when going to a party, pair the dress with loafers, sandals, or heels. If you wish to wear closed shoes, you can go in for white because it invariably looks hot with any wash of denim. Besides, a black or brown pair looks hot, especially when you are looking to pair a denim dress for a plus size woman for an evening, a party, or as clubwear. During the winter, wear boots, especially knee-high boots or over-the-knee boots that make your dress look even smarter. A pair of heels is the best way to turn your denim dress into a classy piece.
  • Hair: The denim dress is one of the most incredible ways to dress up. When you wear your denim dress, you choose comfort and style. Therefore, your hair should be done up to complement the style. Keeping your hair, long or short, open is the perfect look. For a casual look, you can tie your hair in a ponytail. Tying your hair at the nape is an easy option when going to the club or a party.

Where To Buy Plus Size Denim Dresses?

plus size denim dresses are a cool breeze giving you a trendy cool look. Besides, these dresses are so lovable and stylish that they are readily available, and you do not have to look really hard to find a style that suits you. 

You can shop for women’s plus size denim dresses at high-street fashion showrooms, your neighborhood garment store, or online. If you are looking for affordable dresses, online stores are the best places to shop. In most cases, you’ll find that the same dress costs multiple times more at a physical store vis-a-vis an e-store. It is because of logistics, the cost of the storefront, etc. 

When shopping online, you can check out a range of denim dress styles, and it will take you only a few minutes to do so. You can check out the styles and dresses during your office break, lunchtime, or the night before going to sleep. The bottom line is that shopping online is all about convenience as well as getting good deals. 

Many women think it is better to shop at a brick-and-mortar store because they can try the dress before buying. However, you can relax when you shop online from exclusive stores dedicated to plus size dresses. Even without trying them on physically, you can be confident in purchasing the right dress. 

Conclusion - The Best Plus Size Denim Dress for Every Occasion

One such store online that enjoys the tremendous trust and loyalty of customers is Chic Lover, a designated shop for plus size women. Here, every attire appears to have been made for your size. Therefore, Chiclover is a plus size woman’s dream come true e-store for buying all kinds of dresses, especially plus size denim dresses.

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