Guide To Shop Plus Size Denim Tops

Plus Size Denim Tops

Guide To Shop Plus Size Denim Tops

Denim enjoys endless enthusiasm amongst fashion aficionados, and why not? Denim has been around since the seventeenth century and was born in Nimes, France. Made of wool and silk, it was known as a ‘serge de Nimes.’ Since its introduction, the fabric has remained a darling and one of the first choices for dresses, be it man or woman. As a result, denim jeans and trousers are all-time favorites amongst hundreds of people worldwide.

Today, however, we will talk of denim tops plus size. Women’s denim shirts Plus size are a must-have in your wardrobe, even if you are on the heavier side. A denim top is a fashion essential and suits women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. So, why are you waiting? Read about this fashionable garment and prepare to deck your wardrobe with a few trendy ones.

Things to Look for When Shopping For Plus Size Denim Tops 

Plus size denim tops are an instant hit, and you will fall in love with the dress when you set your eyes on it. Before buying one, it is crucial to understand what you need to look for when shopping for a Plus size jean shirt.

Different Styles of Plus Size Denim Tops 

Denim tops are available in different styles. Shirts, blouses, tunics, and more. Here’s a rundown of all the different styles that will add glamour to your look.

1. Plus size denim crop tops: White shoes look fantastic with hot denim crop tops and boyfriend jeans. Pair the attire with hoop earrings. It will give you the 90s feel. You can tie a knot to your favorite Plus size denim shirt if crop tops are not available.

2. Plus size denim shirts: Pair up with a LuLaRoe skirt, ankle-length jeans, a pair of distressed jeans, or light-washed skin-tight denim pants. You can also pair it with a long slit skirt, a short a-line skirt, or a center-split denim skirt to raise the temperature.

3. A Denim tunic plus size: If shirts are common, go for denim tunics. Look your sexiest best with a criss-cross front neck. Go for an off-shoulder tunic with a belt at the waist. Pair it up with a head gear, like a straw hat and strappy heels. You can also wear tight leggings, especially in winter, under the tunic dress.

4. A Plus size denim dress: Wear a denim dress knee-length with a pair of sneakers and a baseball cap to look like a fashionista. Its super-comfortable. During winter, layer with a woolen scarf to convert your summery denim warmer. Wear the dress with leggings or tight jeans when the mercury drops further.

5. A Plus size denim maxi: This is another option suitable for weather conditions. It could be front-buttoned, slit at the sides, or in an A-line cut. A thin belt at the waist gives your asset a feminine touch. It has some throwback vibes.

6. A Plus size denim blouse: A denim blouse is usually shorter than a shirt and comes in different styles and designs. It is a Plus size jeans top that looks great with skirts of all lengths, formal trousers, casual pants, jeans, leggings, and shorts. The combo works wonders at formal and informal events. This is such a cool outfit that soon; it will become your top favorite and go-to dress for all kinds of events.

How to Style Plus Size Denim Tops for Any Occasion? 

Depending on the occasion, you can style your Plus size denim top accordingly. Here are some scenarios and tips on wearing the top:

  • As casual wear: Go for a light-washed denim top to create a cool look. It also gives your personality a chic vibe in a street-style look. Pair up your Plus size denim shirt with denim jeans or chinos. Wear your sneakers or flats to complete the look. Your sunglasses and a watch are suitable accessories to match your appearance. Keep your tresses open, or tie a ponytail.
  • As beach wear: Denim shirts and blouses give an aesthetic, visually-pleasing look on the beach. The best way to style the top is to go for contrast – wear a darker shade bottom and a lighter shade top or vice versa. A pair of loafers or flats helps create a statement. Keep your hair loose, or tie it up on a casual bun on the top. Accessorize with big loop earrings and a cross-body bag. Keep your aviators handy for the ultimate look.
  • For Road Trips: Hitting the road, get dressed in your Plus size denim top that speaks of your cool quotient. Additionally, with a pair of jeans, this is a comfy dress for outings. Go for a rugged accent for road trips, biking expeditions, and vacations. If you are going out with buddies for a night out, wear a denim tunic plus size or a top with a short/mini skirt—denim gels well with sneakers or sports shoes. You can wear a slip-on if it’s a night out. Accessorize with big earrings and your favorite shades.
  • For a Formal Event: Going for a business meeting, you can opt for a  Plus size denim shirt paired elegantly with a pair of formal pants or a skirt. Ensure that the footwear is formal, like a pair of high-heel sandals or closed shoes. Use a leather belt for formal gear.
  • As winter wear: As the weather starts to chill, denim jeans are all out because of the tough material. You can wear your denim top and layer it well with a sweater, pullover, cardigan, or jacket. You can carry a shawl or a scarf during autumn.

Tips on Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Body Type 

1. Pear-Shaped

Is your body triangle-shaped? Your waist and hips are wider and fuller than the bust. Go for brighter shades of denim. When selecting tops, you can go for plunging necklines like V-necks or cowl necks. A well-fitted denim top is made just for you. If you are wearing a denim shirt, wear a tight-fitting tee inside and keep the shirt open. Plus size denim dresses with narrow waistlines are good options for you. With a belt, you’ll draw attention to your curves. Maxis made from denim make you look taller and elegant.

2. Hourglass Figure

For an hourglass figure, you have a naturally curvy body shape with a well-defined waist and your hips and busts measure almost the same. Celebrate your perfect waistline with Plus size denim tops, even if you are heavier. The world of fashion is open to you, from wrap tops to peplum denim blouses. You can wear a round or boat neck – everything looks fabulous. 

Shirts, too, look perfect on you. Try different sleeve styles because your shape adjusts well with almost all kinds of sleeves. Denim dresses fitting your size are also a welcome change from the monotony of dressing. You can try denim wrap dresses, fit and flare mini dresses, and more. However, stay away from flowy Plus size denim dresses.

3. Apple-Shaped Body

Think of this as an inverted triangle. You have broader shoulders as compared to your waist and hips. Notice that your waistline is not quite well-defined. For your body shape, wear a flowy denim tunic Plus size, V-neck denim tops, A-line denim dresses, and boyfriend button-ups. For your sleeves, anything from sleeveless to strapless to full sleeves will suit you. If you wish to wear denim dresses, go for a wrap-around, as these can be flattering. Mini dresses are the choicest option as well. A-line dresses are made for your shape too.

4. Straight or Rectangle or Athletic-Shaped Body

Your shoulders and hips lie almost in a straight line, and the waist is not too well-defined. When buying denim tops, remember to go for ones with a halter neck or round neckline. Strapless denim dresses look good on you as you can show off your well-defined shoulders and arms. Plus size denim shirts are fabulous, as your structured collarbones and shoulders fit perfectly. Finally, Strapless denim dresses and skirts are for you.

The Best Places to Shop for Plus Size Denim Tops 

Now that you know the Plus size denim top is a perfect dressing choice for your body shape don’t hesitate to invest in a good-quality top. You can buy from a brick-and-mortar store near you. In addition, you can stop by the retail outlets of fashion brands to find the perfect fit and wash for yourself.

Alternatively, you can find a Plus size denim shirt online. With online shopping, you can browse hundreds of fashion e-stores comfortably for the denim top you like. The best part is that a handful of online boutique stores specialize in Plus size dresses like Chiclover.

The advantage of buying from a specialized store is that you can be confident in finding the right dress, top, or shirt for your body size and shape. There are no disappointments. If you like an attire piece, you can be 100% sure that it’s made for you.

How To Care For Your Plus Size Denim Top 

Once you have invested in a few Plus size denim tops, you need to know how to take good care of them. Remember, denim is a dependable material with the chance of surviving long-term, provided it is taken good care of.

Here are some professional tips to ensure the longevity of your denim tops.

1. Wash less – denim dresses do not have to be washed often. If you want them to run for a long time, wash the top once after ten wear. This way, you can prevent the material from rebounding. If there’s a stain, use an old toothbrush and soap to remove it. You can also use a damp cloth with soap to remove the stain. Please do not put them in the washing machine for a wash. 

Your top looks good, with lines and creases created once you wear them. Washing the top regularly will remove the lines, and it will not have the same comfy look that it usually has.

2. Wash in cold water – go with cold water when you need to wash the top. This way, the color of the Plus size denim shirt will be retained. The chances of fading and shrinking are minimal with cold water. This way, you will also save energy, which is good for the ecology too.

3. Inside out – To avoid the soap from working directly on the denim, turn the top inside out.

4. Line Dry – Do not put your denim dress or shirt in the washing machine dryer. It will get spoilt in no time. To preserve the fabric quality and color of the skirt or top, hang them for line-drying. This way, you will also maintain the fitting of the top. Shrinkage or fabric warping will also be avoided by following this step. Put them out in the shade and turn them inside out to dry them fruitfully.

Conclusion - Guide To Shop Plus Size Denim Tops

Denim is a strong fabric with incredible strength. No doubt, your Plus size denim top will last a lifetime when you take good care of it. It is an asset because you can style it as you want – it will never fail you and match perfectly with all kinds of outfits. It’s best for all seasons and all sorts of events. It doesn’t require much maintenance and is 100% recyclable; it is good for the ecosystem too. It is crucial, however, that you buy tops made from genuine denim.

Are you looking for the best place online to buy a Plus size denim shirt or a Plus size jeans top? Then, you have arrived at the best place. This is Chiclover, the internet’s top boutique store for Plus size women. Presenting a variety of styles and choices, this is the place to buy the best quality and fashionable Plus size denim tops.

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