Ways To Wear Off The Shoulder Tops Plus Size

Off The Shoulder Tops Plus Size

Ways To Wear Off The Shoulder Tops Plus Size

A Plus size off the shoulder top gives a newer definition and dimension to your femininity. It is a must-have in your closet simply because this chic top wear is flattering and versatile. Available in various styles, this top highlights your bare shoulders. In addition, there are different necklines and sleeve styles that make the top genuinely iconic.

off the shoulder tops and dresses are not new to the fashion scene. These have been around since the 18th century. Today, this style has many interpretations, ranging from minimalistic designs to intricate patterns made from simple cotton fabrics to silk, satin, georgette, and other materials.

What Are Off The Shoulder Tops Plus Size, And Why Should They Be Part Of Your Wardrobe?

When you need to dress up casually, the first thing you ardently reach out to is your pair of jeans and a tee. However, a Plus size off the shoulder top is a right choice when you want to spice up things. It puts new flavors to your everyday look.

It is a top you can wear for almost all kinds of events and occasions. Whether it’s your office, a formal workshop, a dinner date, a college get-together, or a beach party. When paired with the right lower wear, the plus off the shoulder tops make you look your best.

Every women’s closet should have a good mix of these off the shoulder tops. The innate design of the tops highlights one of the body’s best features – the shoulders. So whether you have petite shoulders or heavier ones, the curvy body part is amply highlighted by the Plus size one-shoulder top or a complete off the shoulder top.

You may be comfortable with skin show or not. These tops reveal a bit of your skin without the need to bare it all. Hence, it is a comfortable option for Plus size women self-conscious about their weight and size. In addition, these tops are decent, keeping your neckline breathing and getting a bit of its portion of fresh air.

With attention drawn to your collarbone and shoulder blades, wear the off the shoulder tops to give your figure a feminine contouring. In addition, the essence will instantly elevate the overall look of the upper body, especially the jawline and the face. All in all, these tops help slay any fashion trend within minutes.

Different Styles Of Off Shoulder Tops Plus Size Available In The Market

The good thing about Plus size off the shoulder tops is that they are versatile. There are innumerable styles available, making it easy for women of all shapes and sizes to pick the styles that suit their body types and preferences.

Here’s a short list of the most popular off the shoulder tops in plus size.

Off shoulder shirt plus size: off the shoulder shirts are best suited for formal occasions. These tops look like shirts with buttons in front and a V-neck collar and are made from comfortable fabrics. There are different colors available to make them suitable for formal wear.

Plus size off the shoulder blouses: If the shirt is too formal for you, you can opt for the Plus size blouse off the shoulder. The blouse has a feminine appeal and does not have front buttons, making them easy to wear and take off. Additionally, you can wear the blouse comfortably to your office or on a dinner date.

Plus size off the shoulder t-shirt: Plus size off the shoulder tops are also available in the form of tees. These can be worn daily and look chic and cool, especially casual wear.

Off shoulder Plus size maxi dress: This is another way to dress up for an event. Whether it is black, printed, colorful, or floral, with or without slits, a Plus size maxi dress in the off shoulder style is the ultimate attire for any season. Pair it with statement jewelry, and you are all set to kill.

Off shoulders Plus size jumpsuit: This trend is universally appealing and is still very much a part of trending styles in the fashion world. These look best with minimal accessories. Wear your favorite pumps, and you are all set to have heads turn in your direction.

Besides these types, there are other available options, too, especially with respect to the sleeves. These are a few of the popular ones:

The Bell Sleeve: Full sleeves with Plus size off the shoulder blouses are made for summer. It has the perfect summery feel and a trendy appeal. For the perfect look, go in for tiny checks, patterns, floral prints, and vertical stripes.

The Drop Shoulder: In the asymmetric pattern, the top looks awesome with formal pants and casual capris. These look incredibly feminine and charming.

Crop Tops: This is another beautiful Plus size off the shoulder top that flaunts your body with unmatchable charm and style. These look incredibly fashionable with shorts and minis.

Bardot Tops: off the shoulder tops are also called Bardot tops, named after the Hollywood actress. These tops are known for their timeless beauty and effervescent style.

Strappy Tops: The straps are delicate pieces attached to the off the shoulder tops and are perfect for beaches and vacations. Pretty comfortable and easy to wear, these are a must-have in your wardrobe.

Cold Shoulder: Off shoulder shirt plus size look highly chic with the cold shoulder. The shirts look fabulous with A-line skirts and denim shorts.

One-shoulder tops: The Plus size one-shoulder top is an offshoot trend of the off shoulder style. It bares one shoulder and looks great for formal occasions like a dinner date or a business meeting. Keep your hair tied in a top knot and wear big danglers to look like a fashionista.

How To Choose The Right Size When Buying An Off The Shoulder Top Plus Size?

Indeed, an off the shoulder Plus size top is an excellent attire because it leaves you looking stylish. However, it is crucial that the top fits you with perfection. Only then will it look amazing! Here are the tips for choosing the right size when buying an off the shoulder top.

It should fit your shoulders flawlessly.

Keep a watch on your arm movement. It means that your top should not move around when you move your arms.

If the top looks splendid on you but rides up your arms, then you’ll need safety pins and rubber bands to keep the top in place.

You also need to find the right fit of strapless bra to wear beneath the top. Else, go in with a nude-colored bra.

Choose a Plus size off the shoulder top that fits your height.

The top should flow out for Plus size women with heavier chests rather than be skin-tight. The cold-shoulder style is the best for you.

Style Tips For An Off Shoulder Top Plus Size For Different Occasions

off the shoulder tops and blouses can be comfortably worn on all kinds of occasions. You need to take care to find matching bottom wear and, of course, the right accessories. Follow these tips to style your plus off the shoulder tops:

For a casual look: Match a printed top with a pair of jeans, shorts, or denim skirts. Your hair can be open or tied in a ponytail. Wear a pair of flats, wedges, or sneakers to complete the look. You can play with the design of the sleeves. Balloon sleeves, cold shoulders, one-shoulder, ruffled sleeves, etc., look awesome. Accessorize with big hoop earrings and a stylish neckpiece.

For formal events: Plus size off the shoulder tops and shirts are great for formal looks. Go in for solid-colored tops to match formal trousers and skirts. Wear your high heels or closed shoes to get the look right. Pick form-fitting tops and shirts to appear confident, as you should during official meetings and business deals.

For parties: When going to parties, the off shoulder top adds extra dimensions to your couture. Leather skirts and pants go well with the criss-cross neckline, puffed sleeves, or cold shoulder tops. As partywear, pair your attire with stilettos and accessorize minimally.

Ideas For Accessorizing With Your Off The Shoulder Top Plus Size Outfit

Accessories look great with your Plus size one-shoulder tops. Here are a few top tips for accessorizing with your favorite top.

Studs or loop earrings – both look fashionable with your off shoulder Plus size top.

Chunky neck pieces are the best pieces to style with your off shoulder top or blouse.

A body chain gives a cool damn-care look.

Wear a statement belt to add more glamor to your look.

A sling bag or purse is ideal to complete the casual chic look.

Wear your smart boots and pair them with a headband or a bandana for that ultra-smart look.  

Wear some trendy gold bangles on either of your hands for that extra-smart chic look.

To match the look, you can wear flats, closed sandals, strappy heels, or sports shoes – all of these footwear types look equally stylish with your dress.

Where To Find The Best Deals On Off The Shoulder Tops Plus Sizes Online?

Are you looking for the best deals and discounts on off shoulder Plus size tops? Buy only from an online store known for making designer clothes for heavier women. Rather than buying different sizes from a general fashion store, specialized Plus size stores make clothes that fit you seamlessly. Every top in any style seems to have been stitched just for you.

Chiclover is one of the best places to shop for reasonably priced Plus size off shoulder tops. In addition, the credible store has a particular category dedicated entirely to heavier women. So when you click the store link, you can be one-hundred percent sure of finding the right clothes for your size and body shape.

A List Of Must-have Items That Will Complete Any Look With An Off The Shoulder Top Plus Size Outfit

What will complete the look of your off the shoulder top and bottom wear? Here is a list of must-carry items when attired in this dress.

Trendy sunglasses or shades are a must, especially if you are moving out in the sun. Sometimes, it looks trendy when you are out in the evening, at the club, or for a dinner date.

A wristwatch, without any doubt, is another must-have with your off the shoulder attire. This is especially a fact if you are wearing a sleeveless or strappy top.

Lipstick is one makeup item you should always have when you leave your home. Go for bold lip colors with your bare-shoulder look. If red suits your skin undertone, keep it handy. Women who are uncomfortable with bright colors can stick to neutral shades.

A hat is also advised to protect your hair from the summer sun and its harmful UV rays.

Keep a scarf handy, whether you are wearing the Plus size off the shoulder top in the daytime or at night. During the day, drape it lightly over your shoulders to safeguard the delicate shoulder skin from the sun’s harmful rays. During the night, the scarf will safeguard you from the cool breeze. The scarf keeps your hair, shoulders, and upper arms well protected.

A purse is another must-have item when you are dressed in your off the shoulder top. It helps you stack your essential items, including cash, ATM cards, debit and credit cards, and mobile. A sling bag or a trendy purse – all work seamlessly in this case.

Don’t forget to carry your foundation to keep oil and grease off your face.

Conclusion - Ways To Wear Off The Shoulder Tops Plus Size

Now that you are convinced that the Plus size off the shoulder dress is your ideal choice, it is crucial that you are dressed right with the best accessories. You must wear the right style to look your gorgeous best.

Want to learn where to find the best quality Plus size off the shoulder top at the most affordable rates? It is Chiclover, where you will find a range of stylish off the shoulder blouses, tops, and shirts designed just for you. Check out Chic lover to find the right size, fit, and design for your body. And all of this at the best rate!

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