Look Stylish And Confident In Plus Size Club Dresses

Plus Size Club Dresses

Look Stylish And Confident In Plus Size Club Dresses

One of the best ways to let your hair down is to go boogie, dance, and party all through the night. And the best place to do so is at a nightclub or a discotheque. Getting ready for a night out is all the more enthralling and exciting because this is the time to bring out the hidden fashionista within you.

If you are all pepped up and looking for the best clubwear, here’s the ultimate guide to plus size club dresses. Know more about how to find the right attire for you, how to feel confident and stylish dressed in sexy plus size club dresses, how to accessorize the dress, and find the perfect footwear for a fashionable makeover.

Women are always on the hot seat when it comes to fashion and trends. Every lady out there wants to look good, and dressing up appropriately is the way to do so. In addition, it gives the wearer confidence and high self-esteem.


Outfits are an extension of the individual’s personality; you express your individuality. Therefore, staying in vogue is essential, irrespective of your body size or shape. Besides the aesthetic essence, which is natural because you want to look nice, dressing fashionably also presents you in a better light in your social setting. When you dress in an outfit that looks good on you, there are higher chances of being in the best of your moods.

Whether you are a plus size woman or have a picture-perfect figure, whether yours is an apple-shaped body or hourglass, dressing well and looking good gives you unparalleled confidence. You are entirely comfortable in your skin, and you feel excellent about yourself. In addition, it provides your outer appearance with a unique boost and charisma. That is why, when you are all set to go clubbing, take the time to find the best plus size club dresses.

Also, the kind of personal satisfaction and fulfillment you feel when a dress complements you & your vibes is incomparable. The sense of accomplishment is similar to what you think when you win an award. Unfortunately, most women on the heavier side tend to be body-conscious and insecure about getting dressed up, especially wearing tight-fitting and revealing dresses like plus size bodycon club dresses. They need to realize that firstly, there are plenty of choices of plus size dresses; secondly, when they wear something that fits them perfectly, they are bound to attract attention, making them feel good about themselves.

The bottom line is that irrespective of your body shape or size, dressing up is one of the best ideas to lift your spirits. It gives a lot of internal satisfaction and joy; for that, it is a must that you get creative and experiment with your style to find the best-fitting plus size dresses for the club. Find the dresses that make you feel like a queen, give them a personalized twist, and you are ready to look your best!

Tips To Find The Perfect Plus Size Club Dress

Before we start, it is pertinent to mention that most clubs and discos have a dress code, and guests must adhere to the same. Meaning you need to ensure that your outfit for the night matches the expectations of the venue.

If there’s no ‘Dress Code,’ you still need to buy a nightclub dress. The idea should be to choose something that makes you look chic. Dresses that fit you well and are comfortable should be your first choice, except, of course, t-shirts and sneakers.

A plus size club dress is a stylish attire that syncs well with modern fashion trends and is at par with a club’s expected ‘Dress Code.’ Since there are a plethora of choices, follow these tips to single out the right dress for yourself.

Tip # 1: Consider Your Body Shape/Type

Your body shape is your body structure’s outline. Knowing your body type will help you pick clothes that are best suited for your body type. It will help you dress up in style, wear dresses that sit on you beautifully, and match your curves and style so that your silhouette gets highlighted in the best possible manner.

An apple-shaped plus size woman has a heavier upper body vis-a-vis the lower body part. For your more prominent bust line and broad shoulders, go for v-shaped neckline nightclub dresses plus size. Use accessories like earrings and necklaces to bring more focus to your face. A-line club dresses are good for you. Even empire-cut dresses are ideal for your body type. Go for prints and pattern jackets. If you have to wear sleeves, Go for quarter sleeves. It would be best if you prefer darker hues or monochrome color combinations.

An hourglass figure is where your body is well-proportioned from the top and bottom. Your waistline is well-defined too. plus size bodycon club dresses are one of the best recommendations for you. It will invariably flaunt your curves. A-line dresses with a belt at the center are the other choices that look great on you. Go for a body-hugging plus size clubbing dress to create magic with your style statement! Wear short jackets just above the hips if you have to layer the dress.

A pear-shaped body has a more prominent lower part than an upper part. So, a heavier butt and thighs are the characteristic feature of this body type. You should typically wear club dresses that showcase your lower body. If you have this figure type, go for dresses with ruffled tops to bring more expanse to the upper body. Loose plus size club dresses are perfect for you. Boat necks, cropped dresses at the top, and V-neckline also give a fabulous look to your body.

Women with rectangle-shaped body types have a frame where the shoulders and the hips lie straight. It means that the curves need to be more well-defined. Your dressing style should focus on your torso – the legs and the arms. It implies that off-shoulder sexy plus size club dresses make you look gorgeous. Similarly, Go for sleeveless or strapless dresses. A-line dresses with ruffled tops are your fashion things.

Tip # 2: Understand Your Size

Finding your size, the right one, is easy when you shop at a brick-and-mortar store. However, it is a big problem when shopping online. You need to have more clarity about the size because it is not quite standardized worldwide. Every region has its own sizing methodologies. Here are some tips to follow when shopping for a plus size club dress online.

Refer to the size chart provided by the brand online. Some brands also mention the measurement points of the garment.

There needs to be more than just the size chart offered by garment houses online. It would help if you had a fair idea about your key measurements. If you are not aware of your measurements, refer to a dress that fits you well – take the measurements of the dress and then compare.

Or, take a measuring tape and measure your hips and waist at the widest points.

Similarly, when measuring your bust, Go for the widest size.

If this proves to be a challenge, you can limit yourself to shopping from a dedicated plus size store. This way, you will have a fair idea that the clothes featured are for your size, and accordingly, you can shop for something that suits your taste and style.

Tip #3: Experiment With Styles

Once the body shapes and sizes get sorted, it is comparatively easier to look for suitable plus size clubbing dresses. What you need to do initially is try and test different styles. Whether it’s a plus size off-shoulder Bohemian dress, a wrap dress, a loose dress, or a retro-styled dress, a lot will depend on your body type, but overall, you are the final judge. Wear different styles, see what you like and what you don’t, and then you are ready to boogie!

Tip #4: The Fabric Matters Too

A plus size club dress in linen may not look as charming and impressive as silk, chiffon, or net fabric. So instead, choose a material that accentuates your curves and makes you the center of attraction. The bottom line: the fabric matters. Here are the top ones to consider when buying a dress for the nighttime.

Net Fabric: Go for an embroidered piece of work for more beauty and show.

Silk: The soft material is one of the top choices for clubwear attire. It certainly highlights your elegance and assets, creating the right effect.

Chiffon: This is another soft-to-touch material, pretty graceful! This fabric is going to satisfy you.

Crepe: For a perfect and stunning look, you can choose nightclub dresses plus size made from polyester fibers like a crepe.

Accessorizing With Confidence

A club dress is incomplete without the right accessories. Here’s how to go about this.

Earrings or hangings are a must. It could be frosted statement pieces. If you are wearing an off-shoulder plus size club dress, wear an eye-catching necklace. Wear a bracelet or a watch.

You can keep your tresses open or tie them up to make a ponytail or a bun. Use an ornamented metal hair accessory to create a clean look.

At all costs, avoid wearing metals that do not match. If the dress has golden attachments, don’t pair it with silver accessories.

Don’t overdo the look; keep it simple.

Choose a handheld clutch as your handbag – it could be shimmering but ensure that it matches your other accessories. Avoid oversized bags or purses.

Next, paint your nails in a subtle color. Please keep it simple because that gives a sophisticated look. If you want your look to indicate fun, you can also try jazzy and trendy polishes.

For your lips, red is an absolute stunner. However, consider other bright colors if the hue doesn’t go well with your skin tone and overtone. Go for glitters on your lipstick, nail polish, and eyebrows.

Wear neutral polish on your nails and glossy lips if you are not into makeup.

Shoes That Complete the Look

Footwear is equally important and can make or break your look. After investing so much time and effort into selecting the perfect plus size club dress, you need to pay attention to your shoes for a fabulous head-to-toe look.

Which shoes suit the occasion? Your high strappy heels, of course, make you look slender and taller and add grace to your gait. Pumps or peep toes are equally good options – ensure that these are not flats because heels help create the perfect style statement.

It would help if you avoided boots and casual sandals, as they would spoil the entire look. If you have a collection with sparkling ornamentations, then this is the time to take them out. Bright-colored shoes are also pretty stylish and in vogue. When choosing the color, please focus on the primary color of your dress. Buy shoes that match it or complement the overall essence of the dress.

Wrap Up - Look Stylish And Confident In Plus Size Club Dresses

Whether wearing a plus size bodycon club dress or a short mini, you must choose the dress after understanding your body shape. Ensure that you buy the dress from a platform where you can quickly get your size or go for a specialized online plus size store for your purchase. The fabric is substantial, too, while the accessories and the shoes complete the look, so take extra care of the same.

Clubbing is fun; dressed in the right plus size club dress, you will feel confident with a gala time awaiting you with no place for doubts or an inferior complex.

Are you wondering where to shop for dream-come-true sexy plus size club dresses? You have arrived at the right place. At Chic Lover, you’ll find an extensive range of trendy clubwear dresses that will help you make your statement at the party.

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