What Type Of Lingerie Looks Best On Plus Size Women

What Type Of Lingerie Looks Best On Plus Size Women - Chic Lover

Whether it’s for a date night or simply giving yourself a treat, a great pair of lingerie can make you feel and look like a million dollars. In the ‘not-so-distant’ past, a plethora of jaw-dropping lingerie in regular sizes was the norm, while alluring lingerie for full-figured women was about as scarce as a hen’s teeth.

Curvy women had to make do with drab and unflattering undergarments with little to no sex appeal. And the colors? Lackluster! Designers subjected plus size lingerie to dull colors like black, beige, and grey. But thankfully, lingerie retailers and plus size wholesale lingerie brands have stepped up their lingerie design and inclusivity game.

So if you’ve been looking for fancy lingerie to show off your beautiful curves, you can bring your search to a stop because we have compiled 5 of the best, drop-dead gorgeous plus size lingerie that will bring out “the sexy woman in you” every day.

1.High Collar Sexy Sleep Dress


High Collar Sexy Sleep Dress

Ditch your old shabby pajamas and slip on this irresistible lingerie sleepwear. Made with high-quality lace and spandex material, it is comfortable on the skin and highly breathable. The combination of spandex, lace, and a spectacular high collar design merges panache and comfort.

2. Plus Size Super Sexy Lingerie

Plus Size Super Sexy Lingerie

Sexy and seductive doesn’t even cut it! This one-size-fits-all matching bra and panty set isn’t your typical plus-size underwear as it marries confidence with style. This is the underwear you’d wear under jeans and a top and still feel sexy. So, if your body image is faltering, cop this gorgeous one-piece and get it back on track.

3. lace Jumpsuit Sexy Size Underwear

Lace Jumpsuit Sexy Size Underwear

How can lingerie look this glamorous and sensual! No, doubt, this is the master seduction lingerie made for plus size divas that aren’t afraid to be a boss in the bedroom. It is available in red, purple, and black colors and leopard print. Plus, it is super affordable.              


4. larger Size Suspender Dress Lingerie


Larger Size Suspender Dress Lingerie

There is nothing as titillating as a short nightie with a sexy twist. If you want to feel confident while wearing next to nothing, this lace and spandex combo is the one for you. We love how the dress opens from the structured cup down to the hem of the skirt ─ giving your skin enough room to breathe while simultaneously showing off your curvy assets.


5. Satin Pajamas

Satin Pajamas


Sometimes simple does it better ─ But on second thought, there is nothing remotely simple about this satin beauty. Unassuming maybe, but not simple. The perfectly tailored V-sling and the lace details on the cup borders and bust line screams ‘classy and elegant”. It is available in a choice of three beautiful colors and sizes XL-5XL.

Plus Size Lingerie Has Taken an Appealing Fashionable Turn


While most long-standing brands still stick to the “granny style” plus size lingeries, newer plus-sized wholesale lingerie and retail brands have become more size-inclusive, providing steamy and gorgeous lingeries that can hug and support those curves like a baddie. And thanks to voluptuous and body-positive A-list celebrities like Ashley Graham, Lizzo, and Tess Holliday, who have endorsed plus size fashion, plus size lingerie has taken an appealing fashionable turn for the better.

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